Visual Art

Mach V @ The Tate Britain Jan 8th 2010 as part of "Quiet Voices"


Quiet Voices at The Tate BritainSadly there's no show this week as dufus, here managed to record the whole thing at a completely distorted level , rendering it unlistenable, however I do have other news. I've been asked to contribute a short film to accompany "First Light" by Sounds From The Ground for a show - called Quiet Voices - at the Tate Britain that's being curated by John Rixon (a.k.a Amukidi), on Friday 8th January, 2010 between 6pm and 10pm.

I'm completely stoked, excited, humbled, daunted and numerous other confusing emotions by this news as it's completely beyond what I'd ever hope to acheive as a "VJ", but I do hope that some of you can make it down to London to see the show, not only for me but for the plethora of talent that my film will be a small part of.

Normal service will resume next week. :)