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Echaskech Presents: Andy G & Mach V DJ Set


Concrete Bar

Andy and Mach once again take control of the decks at Concrete to supply you with a sublime selection of minimal, techno, house, garage, electronica, dubstep, purple and whatever else they can slip in. It's free entry to one of the best bars on the South Bank, with supberly crafted and blended coctails that will keep you grinning.

Echaskech @ Peepshow Innovations, Jamm, Brixton 9pm - 3am April 1st £5 entry


No, you did read that right and it's not an April Fool - a well spent £5 will get you not just Echaskech, but Jon Hopkins and Hexstatic all LIVE  and not only that, but Paddy Freeform, Matt Masters, Peepshow Paddy and The Ableton Alstars on DJ duty whilst VGem, Myogenic and myself will keep your eyes entertained. Phew! I can't think of a better way to start  a four day holiday. See you down there. :)

Echaskech Live @ Digital City & Names of Nothing, Sat 27th March 7pm-7am

Ok so this one's already sold out but for those lucky few who are coming you're in for a very special night in a fantastic location - visually this one is going to make you freak. For those who didn't manage to get a ticket, well you'll have to wait 5 days (see the next post)

Echaskech & AGT Rave Cru Live! Concrete, SBE, Dec 20th Free

echaskechWe're celebrating xmas with a full acid rave party at our South Bank home, Concrete (next to the Hayward Gallery) from 8pm till 1pm (free entry). Expect party hats, streamers and you dancing to kick ass acid fulled techtronic breaks! Alongside Echaskech, we've also got the Ravetastic AGT Rave Kru playing Live so that's two top notch bands and all for nowt! :)

Look forward to seeing you.

Dom, Andy & Mach.


A little gift from Echaskech

echaskechA little Echaskech gift to you from Just Music...

Echaskech Vs Jon Hopkins FREE DOWNLOAD

'100' - (Echaskech Remix - Live)

FREE - Click here and see top right corner of Just Music site

Here is a free download of our remix of '100' by Jon Hopkins, performed live at The Hayward's Concrete this year.  If you like drum, or bass, it'll be for you.

Also our album 'Skechbook' available as a full gate-folded CD Album for £5.99 for a limited time. If you are recieving this email and you haven't got a copy, then now is the time. If not, maybe you know someone who'd like it for xmas? Echaskech - 'Skechbook' SPECIAL OFFER £5.99 limited offer - Click here

Both offers are for a very limited time, so please tuck in with no hesitation!


Dom, Andy and Mark

NEW REMIX - Digitonal Vs Echaskech


this is from


Digitonal - '93 Years On' Single featuring 'Nothing Left to Say' - Echaskech Remix and 'Ana Kata' - 65 Days of Static Remix

Click here to listen or download

"The Echaskech remix is fantastic... what can only be described as liquid sonic ecstasy! when you hear the bassline kick in you will know what I'm talking about." - Vainzine

If you can't wait until next year for a new Echaskech album, then please download this little baby. We were delighted to be asked to remix Digitonal, whats more we were given free choice of which of the album tracks we wanted to tackle...we were spoilt for choice! We chose 'Nothing Left to Say' and we are particularly proud of it.

You have got to hear the whole release in fact, it is blessed with stirring and powerful a 65 Days of Static version of 'Ana Kata'.

A veritable hamper of aural delights to whet your appetite for the Digitonal album, 'Save Your Light for Darker Days' which deserves all to the media acclaim it is receiving also out now.

Digitonal are on the same label as us: the mighty Just Music.