Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama

Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama in "LIVE GIG" Shocker

fun times at the LuminaireYes that's right, everyone's favourite seated band have decided to grace you with an opportunity to once again see them perform their sonic onslaught - this time featuring NEW TUNES (tm), this time at London's preferred venue of eclectic music, The Luminaire. On the same bill are Canada's PLANTS & ANIMALS + Spokes (who apparently sound Canadian, but are from Manchester). As they're traveling such a long way, we've decided to let them play after us (it's only fair). All this for a measly £6.50.


Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama err... Rises!

so after a summer of spent skewered on the 'bergs of the polar ice caps reading frankly ludicrous Evening Standard headlines, Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama are back back back, this Thursday, 9 October, to make merry with your mind at the Cross Kings, Kings Cross (here). we've got new, um, "sections" in the show, new pedals and new instruments, so if you think you've heard it all before, well, here's a reinterpretation. so come on down, be dazzled by four frankly stellar bands (well, three plus the Cruise Ship), and enjoy a drink at one of kings cross' nicer boozers. and all for a dosh-wallop busting, cash-bash defying, credit-crunch friendly five english. in brief then:

who: sinking cruise ship rescue drama what: gig when: 9th october 2008 where: cross kings, kings cross, n1 0ax why: because it might be fun how: much? £5