The Bearding Hour

The Bearding Hour, 20120219 - The Birthday One


Don't ask my why but every time I set about recording one of these Bearding Hours I am plagued with technical difficulties and this one is no different. It's slightly distorted (because I used Nicecast to record it instead of Traktor's far superior inbuilt recorder) one track jumped (not sure what that was about) I then hit the cue button by accident and it started a track again, I then managed to turn nicecast off without noticing so happily played for about 15 minutes without it being broadcasted nor recorded and then, right at the end of the set I managed to turn archiving off too early. Doomed to failure. But still, after a bit of sticky tape and a magnifying glass (in Audacity) and it's like none of that happened. Well, almost - you can still hear the distortion in a couple of places and the track skip is there, but I really can't be bothered to mend them as it would mean recording again and I don't want to do that as this was recorded on my birthday (45 years old, hence the picture) and there's a few birthday references in there for me and playing it through again would sort of defeat the object of me choosing those tracks. Still, you'd have to be very anal to hear the distortion and the track skip is only very slight annoying - at least it's in time. ;) Anyway of if you were that anal you wouldn't listen to The Bearding Hours sets as they're never an hour long anyway! Ok, alright, enough of my babble - I guess you'll be wanting to know about the Tracklisting

Takeshi Nishimoto - Coming Home The Accidental - Birthday James Murphy - Birthday Song Beak - Teach Texas Manners Jonnie Common - Summer is for Going Places Mike Dumovich - Wasps of Rain Dave Rawlings Machine - Method Acting/Cortez The Killer Paul Reddick - Villanelle Snowblink - When Pushed From A High Branch First Aid Kit - In The Hearts of Men Sarah Jaffe - The Way Sound Leaves a Room Jess Bryant - Wicked Game Peter Gabriel/Bon Iver - Flume Josh T Pearson - Drive Her Out Dosh - Airlift Vondelpark - Backflip (in the Sauna) Hammock - Black Metallic aKido - Kiss of Death Apparat - Your House Is My World

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Mach V presents “The Bearding Hour” 20110925


Hewett Street Cowboy

Ok this one has taken a while to get to you and, for that, please accept my sincere apologies; the live recording wasn't right (again) and it needed some post production TLC which I've now completed, as you will hopefully not hear.
Hammock - Lonely, Some Quietly Wander in the Hall of Stars
Bon Iver - I can't make you love me/Nick of Time
Conquering Animal Sound - Ira
Horse Feathers - Drain You
Broadcast 2000 - Don't Weigh Me Down
Tunng - Red & Green
Origamibiro - Brother Of Dusk & Umber
Warpaint - Baby
Alexander Wolf - Stuck Under September
Gillian Welch - The Way It Will Be
Fink - Wheels
John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillin'
Dosh - Country Road X
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
Fleet Foxes - Blue Spotted Tail
Umber - The Day We Left For Earth
Vondelpark - Feat B
I'm Not A Gun - Sundays will never Change
Michael Kiwanuke - I'm Getting Ready

The Bearding Hour, 20110925 by machv

BTM20110406 - TBH20110403 (extended) & BTM20110420


Yes, yes... I know. More slacking on the blog posts and set uploads but there are some very good excuses; I'm just not going to tell you what they are. ;) Suffice it to say that I've been VERY BUSY with other things... to be specific it's video like things and you'll get to see what that is somewhat later, when it's all finished. But right now I've got for you a couple of shows, the first chronologically is an extended set of The Bearding Hour after I forgot to record the original broadcast of it on Sunday 3rd April. I decided that, because I really enjoyed the set I played, I'd use my "Back To Mine" slot on Wednesday 6th April to recreate the set with a few bonus tracks thrown in to make it up to 90 minutes instead of the usual 60. So, here it is - Back To Mine, The Bearding Hour or even The Bearding Hour and a Half, if you will. Take a moment to take in the


Josh T. Pearson - Thou Art Loosed
Boduf Songs - Things not to be Done on the Sabbath
Fink  - Pills In My Pocket
Radiohead - Faust Arp
Beak - The Maker
Bibio - The Palm Of Your Wave
Origamibiro - Vitreous Detachment
José González - Heartbeats
Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
The Thousands - To Save The Truth
Mountain Man - Buffalo
Laura Veirs - Life Is Good Blues
Stornoway - The End Of The Movie
Yes - Wonderous Stories
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Running On Fumes
Verülf - Sometimes the Light Would Guide Us
Peter Broderick - With A Key
Tunng - Arms
John Martyn - Don't Want To Know
Snowblink - Ambergris
Crystal Bowersox - Holy Toledo
The Tallest Man On Earth - A Lion's Heart

BTM20110406 - TBH20110403 by machv

The next is the Back To Mine from this week making a full 3 hours of music for you to wrap your lugholes round. Here's the


Hammock - Lonely, Some Quietly Wander in the Hall of Stars 
Leo Abrahams - Scene Memory 
Lawrence - Sunrise 
Shed - 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) 
SCB - 3_5 
My My - Price tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk remix) 
Sepalcure - The Warning 
FaltyDL - The Groove 
Lee Jones - Aria 
West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde on Blonde 
Martin Buttrich - Well Done 
Mogwai - George Square Thatcher Death Party 
Wagon Christ - Ain't He Heavy, He's my Brother 
Transient - Ain't no cure for the way you walk 
oOoOO - Burnout Eyes 
Girl Unit - Wut 
Joker - Snake Eater 
Dark Sky - Drowned City 
XXXY - Rain (Jack Sparrow remix)

BTM20110420 by machv

Mach V presents "The Bearding Hour" 20110123


So here it is, the first of The Bearding Hour for 2011 and I'm very glad to say that the wonderful and charming Souum Cortes (aka Bruno Gravato) will be joining me on the the nights of The Beading Hour, at Back to Mine in Second Life and you can here his set which followed mine here Oh the picture that accompanies this post is my new guitar and I love it. :) Anyway as I've got two podcasts to upload and blog about today, I think it's time for less whaffle and more


Pink Floyd - Fearless 
Neil Young - Old Man 
Peter Broderick - Below It 
The Books - There is no There 
The Tallest Man on Earth - King of Spain 
Canned Heat - Up The Country 
Megafaun - Where You Belong 
Jack Rose - Blues for Percy Danforth 
Dan Arborise - I Cannot Find 
Laura Veirs - I Can See Your Tracks 
Horse Feathers - Albina 
Genesis - Harlequin 
Bibio - Dopplerton 
Tunng - The Wind Up Bird 
Anais Mitchell/Rachel Reis - When you fall 
James Taylor - Going to Carolina (live 2010)

TBH20110123 by machv

Mach V presents "The Bearding Hour", 20101128


New Beardy Mach So no "Back To Mine" this week as it's time once again for another dip into to the hirsute waters of "The Bearding Hour", my bimonthly hour long podcast of the folkier side of my record collection (and a great excuse to buy new bearded skin in Second Life). Annoyingly, Torq was playing up again and was stretching and warping the tracks, the worst effected was Bon Iver's "Re: Stacks" which I couldn't let lie, so I've reedited it Audacity to pluck the offending track out and replace it with a far cleaner version (yes I get that probably this only matters to me). Oh and the first one's for Bill, the last is for Bruno. Here's the...


Hawkwind - Hurry on Sundown Origamibiro - Bloodpulse of the Hungry Fingertip Beak - Cup James Yuill - You Always Bibio - Great are the Piths Peter Broderick - And It's Alright Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly City and Colour - Confessions Snowblink - Human Nature Bon Iver - Re: Stacks Jason Steel - Baby Bay Sam Amidon - Relief Sarah Jaffe - Black Hoax Lie Rachel Ries - You Only Mountain Man - How'm I Doin First Aid Kit - Ghost Town Tunng - Code Breaker

TBH20101128 by machv

Mach V @ Back To Mine 20100929, Late Night Session 20100926 & The Bearding Hour 20100926!


Ok last week I gave you two sets and this week you get three! That's about 4 and a half hours of mixes for you lovely, well dressed and sweet smelling people. Oh, let me state that this is not a trend. The curve will not continue with four sets next week. No. That will not happen. Just so we're clear on that... ;) OK, well let's take them in chronological order...

Back To Mine Late Night Session, 20100926

Last Saturday night I couldn't sleep so I logged on into Second Life looking for a party to hang out and and none really took my fancy so I decided to hold my own little soiree at Back To Mine and here's the (rather housey)...


Alucidnation - Technically Warm The Rhythm Slaves- The Light you Will see (Trentemøller's Dub mix) Sasha - Park it in the shade (audion ain't got no friends mix) Pantha de Prince - Bohemian Forest Bonobo - We Could Forever Caribou - Odessa Wagon Christ - Chris Chana Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler Yimino - Q Bit Gorillaz - Dare LCD Soundsystem - Losing my edge Subway - Xam Black Meteoric Star - Death Tunnel Kraftwerk - The Robots Hell & Anthony Rother - Electronic Germany Yoshinori Sunahara - Unconscious Fragment Mariel Ito - Lone Romantic (3 Channels Rmx) Dub Logic - Go Lib Club

BTMLNS20100926 by machv


This is (I hope) the first set in a series of folk/americana/acoustic/country/nufolk/folktronica/predominantly guitar based or (to simplify it) generally "Beardy" music sets that I'm going to play in Second Life at The Green Man, Westminster, Second Life, every couple of months. To seperate it from the Back to Mine weekly sets, this will being given the title of "The Bearding Hour".I'm really happy how this one turned out and I'm really looking forward to the next one. Keep strumming and plucking, people. :)

The Tracklisting

Skallander - Forgiven Tunng - Woodcat Sam Amidon - Red Horse Feathers - A Burden Bowerbirds - Oldest Memory Megafaun - Kaufman's Ballard Didier Soyuz - Joe 90's daydream acoustic version Dan Arborise - Take Heart in Your Hope Nick Drake - Things Behind The Sun Gillian Welsh - I Dream A Highway First Aid Kit - In The Morning The Accidental - I Can Hear Your Voice In My Head John Martyn - Over The Hill Crosby, Stills and Nash - Helplessly Hoping Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood Snowblink - Green to Gone

TBH20100926 by machv


Last but by no means least, here's this weeks "proper" podcast of my musical meanderings through my record collection


Sellotape Unicorn - Naono Grey Scale - Fennesz Mind Over Midi - Post Lunch Dip part 1 Yimino - Los Cauz Mount Kimbie - Would Know Beak - Sea Pen Meet Anglerfish Vital Substance - Heart in Hand Horizon Fire - Denver River Logging Irresistible Force - Higher State of Mind Tycho - Higher State of Mind (Hatchbacks Cosmic Caviar Dub) School of Seven Bells - Babelonia Broken Social Scene - Sentimental Xs Fujiya and Miyagi - 16 Shades Cocorosie - Sunshine Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off Lorn - Cherry Moon Dark Sky - Ghost Notes Posthuman - Ottowa (echaskech rmx) Isan - Channel 10 Yoshinori Sunahara - Infomation of TUA BTM20100929 by machv