New Video: Echaskech Live at Solarwaves, The Sundeck, Margate - June 15, 2019

A bit of a new venture here - I’ve never done any multicam stuff and always wanted to! Echaskech got booked to play at an outdoor gig at sundown so there wasn’t much of a visual requirement for me to fulfil so I came down and rigged some cameras and filmed the whole thing. Echaskech played an absolute blinder and this piece of improvisation was captured. Massive thanks to Solarwaves for the go pro foootage, Joshu Posthuman for the loan of the zoom cam and walkpro3D for the walking and dancing projections.

New Mix: A Broad Range - Together 2018

“Here it is the groove slightly transformed Just a bit of a break from the norm
Just a little somethin' to break the monotony
Of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be
A little bit out of control it's cool to dance
But what about the groove that soothes that moves romance
Give me a soft subtle mix...”

Here’s the “studio” cut of a mix I performed at Awamu’s third “Together” festival. It’s pretty much what I played but I added a longer introduction to it (which might help it last longer on SoundCloud) - the opening lines are from Grant Green’s amazing “Slick! Live at Oil Can Harry’s” lp - and there is a “bonus” track at the end that I really wanted to play but I knew time wouldn’t allow it, bcut for you, dear listener, you get to experience the genius of Raj Pannu’s “FSOJ”. The third track is a mashup of Skee Mask’s “Session Amp” and MJ Cole’s UK garage classic “Sincere” with extra beats and production courtesy of the ever patient Andy G from Echaskech. 

Hope you like it! Here’s the...


Louis Cole (feat. Genevieve Artadi) - When You're Ugly
Don Froth -  A Broad Range Widescreen Mix
MJ Cole vs Skee Mask - Sincere Amp (Mach And G’s mix)
LCD Soundsystem - Oh Baby
Echaskech - Twich
Deft - One Eye Open
Jim-e stack - Moments Noticed
Gnork - U
Joe -  mph
Dolly Parton - Jolene (Todd Terje remix)
Maribou State - Turnmills Club Mix
LXURY (Feat. The Deptford Goth)- Square 1 (Vox DUB)
Nasaya  (feat. cehryl)- Orange
Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year
Adam Port - Here is Why - Tonight (Adam Port Autobahn Edit)
Loidis - A Parade
Raj Pannu - FSOJ


New Mix: Welcome to the Digital City

A studio mix based on the set I played at Digital City at The Nines, Peckham on 3rd Feb 2017 to open up the main room, warming up for Wennink. Downloads are available on the Soundcloud link. 

Oh and welcome to the new website - let me know if you find any issues 


1. 00:00 Weval - You Made it (II) 
2. 06:02 Echaskech - Twich
3. 12:30 Sohn - Falling
4. 16:15 The Slow Revolt - Never Get Close
5. 19:59 Boards of Canada - Olson (Midland rmx) 
6. 24:59 Midland - Tape Burn
7. 28:12 George Fitzgerald - Full Circle
8. 31:53 Lxury Goth - square one (vocal dub) 
9. 37:42 Weval - I Don’t Need it
10. 41: 19 Antenna Happy, Vessels - Spark (vessels mix) 
11. 47:27 The Crisis Project - Dear
12. 51:18 Rival Consoles - Night Melody
13. 55:18 Bonobo - Outlier
14. 60:07 Apparat - Arcadia
15. 64:01 Echaskech - Emperors New Clones
16. 68:56 Moderat - Fondle
17. 73:17 Jon Hopkins - Collider

Djing at Bar Concrete, 8pm - late pm May 12th 2012 (free entry)


Just to let you know that, under the guise of Echaskech Presents... I'll be manning the  DJ controls at Bar Concrete, Hayward Gallery, South Bank Center from 8pm till late. Expect a mixture of cutting edge downtempo, electronica, deep house, tech house, techno, electro, juke, footwork, garage and dubstep... so just the usual bag of tricks. :)

New Video: "626: 2 Revolutions of The BT Tower"

Following on from the Send in the Drones mix, here's the video that inspired the last track in that mix

The BT Tower has always been a symbol of the future, of technology and progress; it's a unique and outstanding feature on the London Skyline and even as a kid I always wanted to visit the top, especially the revolving restaurant. However, due to threats of terrorism in the 80's, it got shut down and I thought that opportunity was closed to me, until (thanks to my employer, the NSPCC) Late last year I was given the chance to work on a Charity event at the BT Tower, an opportunity I jumped at.

The film is of two revolutions , one during the day and one at night. Each revolution takes about 20 minutes and so the footage has been sped up about 10 times. The initial edit was done without music and then passed to Echaskech who the constructed the soundtrack to match my edits, I then did some fine tuning and the result is what you see. The title of the piece, "626" is the height of the BT Tower in feet.

p.s. there will be a you tube version, but later and when I can be arsed, cos You tube really does look pony compared to vimeo

p.p.s here it is

Send in the Drones: New Ambient mix, Free Download, 320kbps


Ok time for a welcome change of pace and a return to the chill out room. This mix I've been planning for over a year now, but hadn't found the time to sit down and really work on the idea until just recently. Initially I wanted to make a mix of purely droney, ambient music but I kept coming across tunes that fitted too well with the flow of the mix which weren't droney at all, but the title, had to stay, so for those Ambient Drone purists, I hope you won't mind the occasional forays into recognisable melody and occasional beat. :). My original idea was to showcase ambient drones and, apart from the notable exceptions, I think that idea is still at the heart of the mix. If you disagree, well... tough. It's very important for me to thank a few people who were instrumental in making this mix happen: Ali at Inspiral Cafe who originally muttered that he didn't like ambient drones which made me want to prove him wrong; Ryan at A Strangely Isolated Place blog for the Ex Confusion track that will be coming out in ASIP's new "Places" series, along with the Echaskech "626" track which was specifically written for my BT Tower video as well as general awesomeness for all his support of awesome electronic leftfield music, without which I wouldn't have found so much of the music that I love today; to Future Sequence for their wonderfully free "SEQUENCE" compilations which you can get from their website, to Andy from Digitonal for the recommendation of the fantastic Leaves "Leaving Eleven" compilation, another great ambient freebie; to Ed McFarlane for his inspirational soundcloud mix "Bells of Adderbury Church (bellsofadderburychurch by edmacfarlane) (where I shamelessly nicked the first track from); To Echaskech for their continued patience and support, as well as the awesome 626 track; To Tom Green (Another Fine Day), for him generosity and musical genius, and finally to Jean "Moebius" Giraud (, who's artwork I've used for this, who sadly died March 10, 2012. Moebius was, without a doubt, the finest and most moving comic book artist I've ever come across, and though his style and influence can been seen in most of the sci-fi blockbusters over the last 30 years or more, it's his stories that touch me the most; The Airtight Garage, Incal, Arzach just to name a few all moved in a different plane from other writers & artists, blending sci fi with a journey into surrealism, humour and spirituality. Gir, you will be missed and remembered forever and this mix is dedicated to your memory. STOE ORKEO! Tracklisting (links to the free downloadable ones) 00:00 Mark McGuire - Alma (reprise) 01:00 Echaskech - Tundra (from Future Sequence - SEQUENCE2 ) 05:27 Jonsi & Alex - Boy 1906 08:22 Future Sound of London - Max 11:06 Mara Carlyle - Pianni (From Accidental Records) 13:07 Maps & Diagrams - Domane (from Future Sequence - SEQUENCE2 ) 15:41 Mountains - Blue Lanterns On East Oxford 19:17 Panda Bear - Drone 22:39 Widesky - _____ is Also Movement (from Future Sequence - SEQUENCE2 ) 26:20 Ex Confusion - Before We Begin (Forthcoming release on Asip Places) 30:10 Digitonal - Polaris (From Leaves - Leaving 11) 32:54 Verülf - Iroko (From Verulf -Territorial) 35:00 Hammock - Longest Year 37:20 Vangelis - Love Theme 41:00 Umber - I Wasn't Aiming For The Ocean (Asip exclusive) 46:50 The Bird and the Bee - Spark 50:30 Parks - Song for Autumn 59:15 Biosphere - Monju-2 1:02:55 Jon Hopkins - Journey 1:05:11 Another Fine Day - Spring Song 1:07:37 Echaskech - 626 (Forthcoming release from Asip Places)  Send In The Drones by machv

Digital City is 7! Echaskech play live to celebrate.


  I'll be Vjing for Echaskech as part of the quite wonderous night that Digital City have line up to help us all celebrate their 7th birthday. The Venue (as always ) is secret but I'm told that it's somewhere in the Aldgate/Brick Lane/Whitechapel area. Tickets are in limited supply (especially at these prices) so don't daudle or dally. Get on it and quickly!

Welcome to the New Website (and have a couple of mixes while you're here)


Hello you lovely people and welcome to the newly designed DJ Mach V website. Lots of more helpful navigation and catagorisation has been added (above) as well as lots of helpful, handy social media plug ins (over to the right) so you can easily find my facebook page and tweets; there's even a tag cloud down below, which I've been wanting for a while. The work has all been done by my lovely wife, Miko Coffey, who's awesome talents have sourced and customised a brilliant new template for my posts as well as the frankly awesome new customised logo and backdrop, as well as a new backdrop to my twitter page. We've also moved the site onto new servers, which we have more admin control over.  I do hope you like it; please take some time in looking aorund, and please be vocal with your feedback in the comments below (or tweet me at @djmachv , if  you prefer). We've got a few more tweaks and shuffles to do but if you have any suggestions or find anything wrong, do let me know. I'm looking to expand the blog into other areas (occasional reviews, random photos, and anything else that comes to mind) and not just a endless continuum of "here's another mix for you" blog posts, but the new layout and navigation should mean that you can find the content that you want much easier and faster than before. In other news, for now I'm going to stop doing the weekly Back To Mine shows - they've been fun and very cathartic to do, but it's also a lot of work to keep them up on a regular basis. I'm not going to say that it's the death of the format as I'm not getting to play out all the amazing music I find, and I can see me wanting to share that with you all, but for now I need let it rest. The Club, in Second Life, will, of course, remain. If you do want a weekly hit of awesome mixes  I suggest you track the awesome Marky de Sade's 52 mixes project. I know I am.

Not that this means I'm going to abandon your ears completely; I still want to keep up The Bearding Hours, combined with occasional appearances at Monday Hates You, and, now I've migrated over to Traktor Pro 2 and an S2 control surface, it means I can record more live sets for you (most, if not all, the sets I've uploaded have previously recorded by Nicecast when broadcasting from home). Oh and if you ever thought of buying Traktor, it's great. Bye Bye DVS, Bye Bye Torq. It's been great, but, when you go back and read my blog posts over the last couple of years you get a sense of how unreliable Torq actually was and how much I was in denial about it. Traktor's stability, UI and function are worlds apart. But then so's the price. And if you want to argue whether, in using a control surface I'm actually a "DJ" anymore, go ahead, fill ya boots; I'm quite happy with using it. Anyway... I digress. Here are a couple of mixes you might have missed:

The first was recorded at London's Elektrowerks, as an opening set for the awesome new electronica club night "Fields" (@ldnflds) (picture above). As a warm up set I'm really happy with it. I hope it helps keep you warm, too. ;)

Tracklisting is as follows:

Death In Vegas - Your Loft My Acid The Walls - Into Our Midst Specta Ciera - Glowing Colours Alucidnation - Technically Warm The Field - It's Up There Tycho - Coastal Break (Hatchback's Cosmic Caviar Dub) James Yuill - Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 Theo Parrish Space Cadet Remix Zed Bias - Koolade ft Toddla T, MdCL Prince - Hot Thing Extended Mix Claude Von Stroke - Big & Round Maya Jane Coles - Focus Now Banco de Gaia _ Gamelah (Dub 3) Martin Buttrich - You Must Be This High Ramadanman/Appleblim - Void 23 (Carl Craig remix) Scuba - Adrenalin Julio Bashmore - Battle of Middle You Buraka Som Sistema - Restless (Julio Bashmore remix) XXXY - Kerpow Dark Sky - Neon Todd Edwards - I hear him (Listen Remix) Rodney P - Trouble (MJ Cole Re-Rub) Sepalcure - Every Day of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

[soundcloud url="" comments="true" auto_play="false" color="ff7700" width="100%" height="81"]

The second is from Bar Concrete (@barconcrete ) as part of the continuing residency of Echaskech Presents. It's quite housey (and yes I still have trouble writing that down, let alone saying it out loud), but never mind that here's the...


Posthuman - Europa Sky (echaskech remix) Crazy Penis - You started something Herbert - Audience Claude Von Stroke - Vocal Chords Lee Jones - Duvel Maya Jane Coles - Little One James What - It Feels Wrong (Lee Curtis remix) Martyn - Ghost People George Fitzgerald - Don't You (SCB remix) SCB - Klinik Sepalcure - The One Lando Kal - Further Lee Jones - Moment Max Cooper - Echoes Reality (Si Begg remix) Hot Chip - I Feel Better (Max Cooper remix) Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearson remix) Jacques Green - Tell Me (Kingdom edit) Radiohead - Feral (Lone remix)

[soundcloud url="" comments="true" auto_play="false" color="ff7700" width="100%" height="81"]

Mach V @ Back To Mine, 20110727 & 20110720, Deershed 2011 & New free Echaskech track!


Ok there's lots to tell you about this week. First off please accept my apologies for no update last weekend - I was with Echaskech at Deershed 2011 as part of Just Music's day up there, (along with lable mates Digitonal and Laki Mera) but more on that later. Last Friday morning Echaskech, along with the vocal talents of Napoleon Complex,  released their new track, "Change the Station" as a free download from Soundcloud. My video for it is on the Echaskech youtube page

As well as on my Vimeo page,

both available in glorious 720p. Initially I wanted to visually represent Napoleon's desire to make his point about broadcast news. The first idea was to have Napoleon being the one holding the bill board/placard, gagged. The idea being that the act of protesting would be his message, and even as an individual it could still be done, but sadly Napoleon lives in Naples, Italy (hence the name) so we changed it to just be Dom, representing Echaskech, or the music supporting what Napoleon has to say. Dom holding up the placard with Napoleon on it is a metaphor of Echaskech's music supporting Napoleon's lyrics. Shooting took place over the easter weekend on my trusty Panasonic HDC HS300 (we got Napoleon to film himself and send us the footage) and the editing was done in Final Cut Pro, then round tripped into After Effects to comp Napoleon on to the placard by Dom and then back to mine for a final treatment in FCP. We're all very happy and proud of it.

Deershed must be one of the most child friendly festivals I've even been to. We reckoned that the children out numbered the adults 2 to 1, the average age of the audience must've been about 12 years old. On Saturday night, at 11pm, just as we were ready to go out on the tented town and party, all the entertainment stopped and by 11:20pm the arena was a ghost town... quite an eerie experience for a old festival vet like my self. However as our soundcheck was at 8.30am(!) it was probably for the best.

Though we were playing at 1pm on a blisteringly bright Sunday afternoon, I was relieved to see that Deershed had sourced a properly dark tent for us to perform in, which meant that i hadn't traipsed up with my vj rig in tow for another wasted journey, only to watch the boys play from the sidelines. Much thanks to the lovely people at Deershed and at Just Music for making it a very special day for us all. And then, if that wasn't enough, Just Music announce that one of the Echaskech tracks "The Calm" is to be included on Linn Records "Just Music exclusive" compilations. Yes, that's right: the same Linn records that orginally signed The Blue Nile. How awesome is that?

Anyway, now on to the podcasts, which there are two of, this week. first off is the one I couldn't upload last weekend due to Deershed - BTM20110720 - and secondarily the one from this week, which is BTM20110727. There you go, 3 hours of music for you.  :) And here are the



Biosphere - Sendai-1
Future 3 - Frisk
Vital Substance - Riding Storms (Vsubs rerub)
Boards of Canada - Oscar See Though Red Eye
Jon Hopkins - A Drifting Up
Thurston Moore - Space
My Panda Shall Fly - Injury (Nightwave remix)
Ike Release - Nature Manipulation
Peverelist - Clunk Click every trip
Burial - South London Boroughs
Machine Drum - It's that Bass
Ellen Alien & Apparat - Way Out (Club edit)
John Tejada - Unstable Condition
Tim Exile - When Everyday's a number
Jamie XX - Beat For

BTM20110720 by machv


Umber - A Song for Two Seasons 
Biosphere - Shika-1 
Future 3 - A Sound 
65daysofstatic - Debutante 
I'm not a Gun - Never Meant to Be 
Radiohead - No Surprises 
Echaskech & Napoleon Complex - Crusader 
Tim Exile - Carouselle 
Untold - Don't Know. Don't Care 
Scuba - Tense 
XXXY - Blue Flashing Lights 
Jack Sparrow - Loveless 
Sigha - Expansions 
Pangaea - Coiled 
Chechan - Siberia 
Perverelist - Infinity is now 
Machine Drum - Mean Mean 
Adam F (footwork edit) - Circles 
Omni Trio (footwork edit) - Renegade Snares 
Bibio - Saint Christopher

BTM20110727 by machv

Echaskech Presents: Andy G & Mach V DJ Set


Concrete Bar

Andy and Mach once again take control of the decks at Concrete to supply you with a sublime selection of minimal, techno, house, garage, electronica, dubstep, purple and whatever else they can slip in. It's free entry to one of the best bars on the South Bank, with supberly crafted and blended coctails that will keep you grinning.

Mach V @ Back To Mine, 20110112


a owl?

Welcome to 2011, Music Miners! Sorry that's taken a while to get the wheels rolling back on the wagon that is Back To Mine, in Second Life, but... well... you know how it is... ;) Anyway we're back on track. I hope you all had a wonderful and restful break and are now all gee'd up for a new year. While I was off I was delighted to find out that I got a special mention in the magical A Strangely Isolated Place blog's 2010 round up under the letter V, as part of the continued sight & sonic enslaught that is Echaskech, which was a wonderful way to round off 2010. I can only once again urge you to subscribe to ASIP as it is an essential musical feast; let's put it this way: if you like these shows you'll love ASIP. On the Echaskech tip, I met up with Dom last night at Echaskech Presents... Concrete for a back to back DJ set and lots of new nebulous Echaskech tracks were given their first light of day, and I have to say the crowd feedback was most encouraging. Many exciting things are being planned and acted upon in the Echaskech sphere: keep 'em peeled and pinned back, peeps cos we've some treats in the pipeline. Thanks to all who came down and made a great night a whole load better. We had a blast. :) Oh and a BIG THANK YOU to whoever added my last blog to StumbleUpon; my web analytics were way up over the festive season and it was all thanks to you. :) Anyway, here's this weeks...


Casino vs Japan - Hello You
Strategy - Cathedral Spark
8Bitch - Orpheus
Actress - Supreme Cunnilingus
Camille - Le Juene Fille aux Cheveux Blancs
Laura Viers - July Flame
Midlake - Roscoe
Hallo Gallo 2010 - Blinkgurtel
Rocketnumbernine - Matthew & Toby
Anthony Shakir - Arise
Gold Panda - Vanilla Minus
Sepalcure - Every Day of my life
James Blake - CMYK
CRST - Roulette
Tokimonsta - Glaring Lights
Anthony Shakir - Detroit State of Mind
Isan - The Race To Be First Home

BTM20110112 by machv

Mach V at Back To Mine, BTM20100915 - Echaskech get UK Festival award nomination


Echaskech at Festinho

So, the voting has opened in the UK Festival Awards (run by Virtual Festivals) and we (at Echaskech HQ) are incredibly chuffed to see that our performance at Festinho (photo from miko coffey) has been nominated in the Virtual Festivals Critics' Choice Award which in their words "... is designed to celebrate those special acts who added something a little extra to their festival show. It could be comedy, nostalgia, crowd interaction or just that 'secret ingredient' - basically something that sets them apart from other performers as a real crowd pleaser." It has to be said that we're up against some stiff competition and I don't think we expect to win - the nomination is wonderful recognition enough of our efforts to make this particular performance special - but we do hope that you can find time to register and place a vote for us in this esteemed category. We'll buy you an ice cream if you do. :) Anyway back to this weeks musical melange and here's the...
Gold Panda - You
Bonobo - Kiara + intro
Beak - amoral mayor earwig
Yoshinori Sunahara - Capacity
Vital Substance - Losing Faith
The Village Orchestra - Jacob/Bad Hand at Cards
Hot Chip - I feel better (Max Cooper rmx)
Max Cooper - Attention Defecit Order
Rei Harakami -300ml (Milk)
The Orb - Perpertual Dawn (Live '93 version)
Horizon Field - Passed Out in a datsun
School of Seven Bells - Crescent Gold
Tycho - Coastal Break
Booker Shade - No difference
Underworld - Scribble
Magnetic Man - I need Air (Digital Soundboy rmx)
Aphrodite vs High Contrast - Racing Spice (Mach V bootleg)
Lusine - make it easy
Memotone - The Day it Rained

BTM20100915 by machv

Mach V @ Back To Mine 20100908 (+ travel blog)

So it's been almost a month since you got a new show and it was really great to get behind the decks once again, fuelled with all the new music that I've picked up from the festivals. So what have I been up to? Well let's start where I left off... Driving back from the Big Chill I noted that the van's brakes were beginning to grind so I got it booked into a ATS Euromaster to get them serviced - they ascertained that it was the callipers that had seized but despite having the van for a few days, they couldn't get the parts to repair it, so we decided to take it to Green Man and see if we could get it fixed between Green Man and Festinho. Most of the journey to Green Man is motorway so I doubted that it would be that problematic, though coming off the M4 towards Abergavenny/Y Fenni it became apparent that the brakes were getting worse and worse...

Still, we arrived on site at 9:30pm, which was a bit annoying as I was supposed to play records on the Radio at 9pm, but we set up in the pouring rain and bedded down for the start of Green Man.

Green Man is rapidly becoming the best source of new (albeit beardy) music for me. Twice I've looked at the line up and wrinkled my nose at it as nothing seems too familiar, but after some excellent dissection of the program (mostly by Miko, she's organised enough to read it) we came away with a plethora of many new artists - more than I've got from festivals before. On the Americana/folk tip I've learnt about Mountain Man, Mega Faun, The Tallest Man Alive and First Aid Kit, in the psyche rock genre I discovered The Besnard Lakes and on the electronic oeuvre I've picked up on Gold Panda and Bear in Heaven. I spent £80 in the Rough Trade pop up shop just getting cds of artists that I heard at the festival. :) I LOVE THIS! MORE NEW MUSIC PLZ!!! The weather was variable between pleasant British dappled sunshine to torrential down pours, but nothing stops this festival and it's punters enjoying the weekend and the artists. Saturday Night we were all thoroughly entertained by The Flaming Lips who's live show is so impressive (even more so in a field in Wales) - i wouldn't call myself a fan following it, but I would go and see them again, they really are a truly awesome live act. I did a bit of compering on Saturday afternoon on the Main Stage and I loved it. Again: MORE OF THIS, PLEASE!!

Monday rolled around and after an extended morning radio show on GM Radio (3 and a half hours, instead of 2) we packed up, arranged for the van to be seen a LDV specialist that afternoon in Frome (pronounced "Froom") which was sort of on the way between Wales and Weymouth, our destination. The journey was fraught. The brakes were getting worse and worse. We eventually got to the LDV depot and they immediately took the van on to the rack to check out the brakes. The news wasn't good. On both sides of the front axle the callipers were seized, the pads worn down to bare metal and the discs scorched and scratched like an old 78 (and probably just as fragile). The service manager ordered the parts, guaranteeing their delivery the next day at 9am and they rearranged their work schedule to fit us in as a priority job, to get us back on the road to enjoy the rest of our holiday.

In the meantime we needed to find somewhere else to stay - the LDV guys offered their car park, but I had spied a rather plush looking spa hotel between Bath and Frome on the drive down so I convinced Miko that this was the sensible option as the Travel Lodges and the like would be all booked up with company reps (and after ringing around, they were) and luckily for us the Spa Hotel had a room (£159 for two of us including breakfast and access to the spa) so we booked ourselves into the Homewood Park Hotel. We asked the LDV staff for a cab number, but they didn't seem to like that idea so one of their staff gave us a lift to the hotel instead. How nice is that?? :)

We weren't really packed for staying in such a posh palace, but after a bath and wrapping ourselves up in lush dressing gowns, swim suits and slippers we extensively hydrated ourselves in the jacuzzi (oh sorry "hydrotherapy pool") and in the heated swimming pool, and in the sauna, and in the steam room. All of these were included in the cost of the room. Awesome stuff. In the evening we decided to stay in and order room service however the quality of the food that was delivered to our very comfortable room was good good it surpassed what you'd expect from room service - placing most hotel restaurants to shame. One thing I did notice was that I still had the keys to the van, so I was all prepared to take a cab to take the keys back to the LDV place and sit in their rather sparse waiting room while they worked on the van.

In the morning, we rang the depot and told them about the keys, and they sent a parts van up to the hotel to pick them up, saving me another taxi journey. In the meantime we checked out and asked the reception to look after out luggage while we swanned about the very stately homely reception rooms waiting for the work to finish. At about midday we got a call with some bad news - one of the calliper bolts had seized and they would need to order another, but that meant we'd need to stay another night in the hotel. Oh Dear! What a calamity. :) So we booked ourselves back in to the luxury we were rapidly becoming accustomed to, this time booking ourselves into the restaurant for dinner.

Aaaanyway to cut a long story short (and yes I could go on and on about this, but I realise it's only Tuesday and we've still got two more festivals to cover!) we picked up the van on Wednesday morning, paid the bill (that was less than quoted) and set off on the road again. We'd cancelled the Weymouth Caravan park as one night wasn't really enough to justify the trip and booked ourselves in to a caravan park just outside of Woodstock in the lovely and familiar county of Oxfordshire.

We set up at Bladon Chains (pouring rain) and I set about grabbing my laptop so I could work on the video for the two Echaskech gigs at the weekend... only to find that I'd left the power supply at green man. I wasn't too happy. In fact I was in tears. The pressure of the van repair, the amount of money we'd just spent in two days (well over £1000 - the holiday was only supposed to cost us £60!) , the state of my very red bank balance were all weighing down on me, the dreadful weather and the cramped state of the van (i can't stand up in it - it's very frustrating) and to be let down by my own stupidity (even when I'd made a concerted effort to remember it, only not to) broke me and I wasn't a happy chappy. I wasn't in the best state.

Thursday was a new day with sunshine (mostly) so we packed up and drove to Milton Keynes to visit the Apple Store to pick up a new power supply (I'd tracked my old one down - it was experiencing a week in Edinburgh) and a new leisure battery from Halfords for the van as that had died on us, too. Then onto Festinho! I was already trying to ingratiate myself to somewhere (ANYWHERE!!) that could offer me a power socket so I could work on the set for Festinho but it wasn't going down to well - things were quite fraught with the production team - an appalling lack of volunteers and stewards had really piled on the pressure so the last thing they needed was little ol' me wanting to get in the way of it all. But with a huge amount of thanks to Simon, a corner of the desk was found on Friday afternoon and I set about preparing video for the evening's performance. Which went rather well. :)

Festinho is awesome - I could wax lyrical about how incredibly special, initimate, friendly, well organised, loving (and a million other superlatives) Festinho is, but seriously the only way is to experience it first hand. It's hard to find a more warm, smiling group of both punters and staff. Here's miko's photos of the weekend if you need some encouragement. :) I haven't felt this way about a festival experience since  going to The Big Chill's Enchanted Garden Festivals. Yes, it's that magical. :)

Saturday afternoon I met up with Dom and Andy and we packed Dom's dad's car and drove to Silloth in Cumbria where Solfest was - we got there at about 8:30pm and bimbled about, catching a bit of The Wailers and Eat Static. I slept for about an hour and then we got about playing our set in the fantastic Dogs In Space tent, finishing at about 5am - Huge thanks to Michael Dog (yes, he of Planet Dog and MegaDog Fame)  at which point we packed the car back up and drove immediately back to Festinho. We really didn't want to miss anymore of it, because Festinho was all full of friends and love and fun and good times and in agreeing to do this Solfest gig we were missing the best part of it - Saturday night! We got back at 10:30am, and I got into the swing of things and had a wonderful Sunday, managing to stay awake until the end of AGT Rave crew awesome set and then slept for 11hours. :) Home on Monday, back at work on Wednesday.


that's about it - (amazingly) there's quite a lot of detail I've left out, but you'd never know. ;)

Anyway I hope you like this weeks offering, here's the


Verulf - United in Two Variations Origamibiro - Quad Time/Bloodpulse of the Hungry Fingertip Beak - He Descended into his Memory First Aid Kit - Ghost Town Sam Amidon - Way Go Lilly Moon in the Gutter - Jack Rose Gillian Welch - Everything is Free Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again Quadron - Far Cry Bonobo (ft Andreya Triana) - Eyes Down The XX - Night Time The Arcade Fire - Modern Man The Besnard Lakes - Chicago Train Lost Idol - Wish I was there School of Seven Bells - Dust Devil Yoshinori Sunahara - The First Step Lusine - Auto Pilot Echaskech - Shatterproof Portishead - Roads (Max Cooper rmx) Future Sound of London - Max

BTM20100908 by machv

Mach V @ Back To Mine, 20100728


SGP 2010: not rubbishSGP, High Eight, That Girl DJ So Festival number 2 is now done (in a series of 6) and what a weekend it was! This one was The Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and I could not believe the transformation. I last went to SGP about 6 years ago when it was a rather rough, simple affair with 3 entertainment areas, about (rather posh) 1200 punters and an awful lot of rubbish - not my ideal weekend, it had to be said. Over the last few years friends have been increasingly speaking highly of the event, much to my skepticism so, riding on the coat tails of Echaskech (another day time gig so I happily took the role of roadie for the weekend again) I went with low expectations. At least this way, I figured I wouldn't be disappointed. Though to be honest, I would have had some pretty princessy expectations to come away from this feeling let down. The site has expanded to accomodate at least ten times the audience I'd seen previously, and comfortably at that, The weather turned out in spectacular fashion, as did the beautiful festival people who attended the weekend. The site crams in so much entertainment, blending stalls and stages next to each other interwoven with many pieces of site specific art. It's so difficult to describe the vibe of the place, but if you took Bestival and dragged it through the Green fields of Glastonbury you'd get close to what it's like there. A lot of organically grown fun. The musical line up might not jump off the page on first glance, but with so much going on round the site at any one time, it was pretty easy to find something of interest. Anyway, it comes highly recommended. Big thanks to CJ, Toby, Dave and Dave, Erin, Penny, Chris, Chris, Ginny, Sarah, Vera, Saul, Alex, Liz, Chloe, Jools, Roger, Rupert, Nick, Hugo (hope I got everyone) for helping make the weekend very special and special thanks to Dom and Andy for being the best techtronica band on the planet and playing an absolute blinder on Sunday. :) Anyway - as mentioned on the show below - it's Big Chill next weekend so, no show next week, but in the meantime here's this week's...


Stornoway - Watching Birds Radiohead - 15 Step Animal Collective - No More Running Underdog (save me) - Turin Brakes Beak - How a Hot Air Ballon Works Tunng - it's because... we've got hair The Long Lost - Amiss (Tunng rmx) Shugo Tokumaru - Mushina Cornelius - Watadori The XX - Islands LCD Soundsystem - One Touch Hot Chip - Hand Me Down Your Love Datassette - Humans Jonsi - Animal Arithmatic Dntel - In which our hero is decapitated by the evil king Datassette - The Aviatrix Sarah Jaffe - Under The Village Orchestra - Love Theme from "Two Man Rumble" Freescha - The Sun Is Still... Still The Field - I have the moon... you have the internet

BTM20100728 by machv

Echaskech @ Peepshow Innovations, Jamm, Brixton 9pm - 3am April 1st £5 entry


No, you did read that right and it's not an April Fool - a well spent £5 will get you not just Echaskech, but Jon Hopkins and Hexstatic all LIVE  and not only that, but Paddy Freeform, Matt Masters, Peepshow Paddy and The Ableton Alstars on DJ duty whilst VGem, Myogenic and myself will keep your eyes entertained. Phew! I can't think of a better way to start  a four day holiday. See you down there. :)

Echaskech Live @ Digital City & Names of Nothing, Sat 27th March 7pm-7am

Ok so this one's already sold out but for those lucky few who are coming you're in for a very special night in a fantastic location - visually this one is going to make you freak. For those who didn't manage to get a ticket, well you'll have to wait 5 days (see the next post)