New Videos: Introducing Live play Daft Punk videos 2017

In addition to last week's Echaskech video  here's a couple of videos I made for Introducing Live's Daft Punk Performance at Wilderness 2017. A performance so good that even the N.M.E. described it as their  "unexpected highlight of the festival" 

There's a couple of videos out there that already explore the idea that Michel Gondry's iconic video is palindromic so I started with that , but I wanted to also represent the idea of - as Introducing live are a band covering Daft Punk  -  other people covering the video (of which there are quite a few if you spend days on You Tube searching them out) and that is the latter segment (sort of people from around the world doing the dance from "around the world") but when I got the audio from the band (I'd been using the Daft Punk track as guide audio) I realised that they play a little insert from "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". Not wanting to repeat my earlier HBFS video (which also tries to show the incredible creative fandom that exists around Daft Punk) I explored the idea of improvement and - after working on another video project where I'd worked on (and abandoned) a master-cut of 80s TV shows - my brain pushed the two ideas together and came up with the homage to the bionic man and woman that just works so well with this section.

Daft Punk's Robot Rock is, well... a bit dull and repetitive - quite apt for a robot song about robots - and personally I think Introducing Live's version is much better, primarily because they can add in more dynamic range into the performance. As soon as I knew that this track was in the set list I knew what I wanted to do: a compilation of movie robots! I started to make my own and then wondered if anyone had already done this already and lo (the internet provides) I found three 'history of movie robots' videos which I sliced and diced, retimed and corrected to the audio and added a bit of Electroma foootage at the end, but really most of the exceptional hard work and credit should go to Jonathan Mann's "Every movie robot..." video

New Mix: In Dingo Veritas

 Recorded live in Second Life at Veritas Club, warming up for the magnificent Theatre of Delays it's an over 2 hour selection weaving between electronica, deep, tech and acid house. Thanks to Carrmine and Nadia for letting me play. Oh and sorry about it being in mono at the beginning - bit of technical glitch - if you wait 20 minutes it switches over tp Super Stereo Sound eventually

New Mix: A Return To The Second Life

Well that went exceedingly well. Restart was very well attended and it was so good to see so many old faces and reminded me the genuine power and depth of Second Life friendships and how incredibly fun clubbing was (probably still is) in Second Life. There simply isn't anything else quite like it... Ok so this mix I wanted to do something with some of the longer tracks in my collection (as I knew that I might be busy chatting and saying hello to so many old friends). The recording... hmmm, there's a slight distortion on some of the bass frequencies which, without recording the whole thing again, I couldn't get rid of in 'post' which is a shame because as a 2 hour listening experience I'm really happy with the flow. I suggest you don't listen to it as closely as I do and you should be fine. ;) I should apologise for including a couple of tracks from the last mix but they are too good to just play once out. Hope you enjoy it.

As for actually returning to Second Life... I can't see me doing it. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing experience and you can spend a LOT of time in there, but technology has moved on (the graphics were never it's strong suit) and socially networked VR experiences will trounce all over this once that takes hold. And honestly I don't have the time to dedicate to it as I did. But the people are amazing and those friendships I hope they last until we leave this place...   

Simian Mobile Disco - Sun Dogs
Gonno - The Worst Day Ever
Weval - You Made It (part 2)
Echaskech - Twich
Voices From The Lake - S.T. (VFTL rework)
Pye Corner Audio - Electronic rhythm number eighteen
Arkist/Komon - Brookfield
Space Dimension Controller -Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere
George Fitzgerald - Full Circle (bonobo remix)
Jon Hopkins - Sun Harmonics
Parra For Cuva - On A Life
Nuage - Haunting
Antenna Happy - Where Space Is
Ghosting Season - Far End Of The Graveyard (Enjoyed remix) 
Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard - For You (DJ Koze Club mix)
Michael and Kolsch - Germination
Rival Consoles - Recovery (Vessels remix) 
Kolsche - Two Birds
Portishead - Roads (Max Cooper remix)
Holden - Renata (Daphni Remix)

Videos from Introducing Live's Performance of DJ Shadow's Entroducing

A selection of videos I'd made for Introducing Live's 20th anniversary Performance of DJ Shadow's Entroducing performance at Koko 22 April 2016

New Mix: Welcome to the Digital City

A studio mix based on the set I played at Digital City at The Nines, Peckham on 3rd Feb 2017 to open up the main room, warming up for Wennink. Downloads are available on the Soundcloud link. 

Oh and welcome to the new website - let me know if you find any issues 


1. 00:00 Weval - You Made it (II) 
2. 06:02 Echaskech - Twich
3. 12:30 Sohn - Falling
4. 16:15 The Slow Revolt - Never Get Close
5. 19:59 Boards of Canada - Olson (Midland rmx) 
6. 24:59 Midland - Tape Burn
7. 28:12 George Fitzgerald - Full Circle
8. 31:53 Lxury Goth - square one (vocal dub) 
9. 37:42 Weval - I Don’t Need it
10. 41: 19 Antenna Happy, Vessels - Spark (vessels mix) 
11. 47:27 The Crisis Project - Dear
12. 51:18 Rival Consoles - Night Melody
13. 55:18 Bonobo - Outlier
14. 60:07 Apparat - Arcadia
15. 64:01 Echaskech - Emperors New Clones
16. 68:56 Moderat - Fondle
17. 73:17 Jon Hopkins - Collider

Newish Oldish Mix: Live at The Dance Tunnel 2013 (First Set)

Back in 2013 I was lucky to be asked to play as support DJ for a Fields LDN night promoting Max Cooper, The Ghosting Season and The Slow Revolt. Previously I uploaded the “30 minutes of techno” set but this is the first set, from the moment the doors opened to the start of TSR’s set. Sadly The Dance Tunnel is scheduled to close this August and it’s a cracking club so if you get a chance to go get your arse down there!

Track listing

Bvdub – Strength
JETS – Sin Love With You
Cut Copy – Sun God (Andy Weatherall remix)
Lusine – Get The Message
Tyco – Coastal Break (Lusine remix)
Falty DL – She Sleeps
Maya Jane Coles – Something in the Air
Alucidnation – Technically Warm
Spectra Ciera – Off Season
Midland – Tape Burn
Falty DL _ Em Cee
DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen
Bonobo – Cirrus
Pablo Bolivar – Cool Down
Dusky – Mystics
Locked Groove – Dream within a Dream
Jack Dixon – Ps Triangle
Jack Dixon – E
George Fitzgerald – Unilateral
Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

New mix: Commission Magazine 1

After the Oval Space gig , I got approached by The Commission Webzine -  The online arts and culture journal - who were there to interview Max Cooper. They asked me for an exclusive mix and an interview, to which I obliged. It's taken a while to sort it all out and I've been very good at keeping it under wraps but today's the day I get to share it all with you The interview is here

but if you want to skip to the mix it's right here

Mixcloud version is here

Commission Magazine 1 by Djmachv on Mixcloud


1. 00:00 SigmaFly - Danced With Wolves 2. 04:26 Essay - Crying at Day (alternate edit) 3. 07:15 Opal Tapes - Bobok 4. 10:49 1979 - #22 5. 15:50 Lucid Dream - Chortle 6. 19:20 Deft - Loqux & Past 7. 22:20 Moderat - Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze remix) 8. 26:30 Simian Mobile Disco - Dervish 9. 30:00 Nick Dow - Armour Plated 10. 37:10 Walls - Burnt Sienna 11. 42:20 Nils Frahm - For (Max Cooper remix) 12. 47:55 Dark Sky - Voices 13. 52:02 Jack Dixon - Needin U 14. 55:00 Leon Vynehall - Be Brave, Clench Fists 15. 61:27 Dense and Pika - Slowhand 16. 66:69 1979 - Go! 17. 71:50 Caribou - Can’t Do Without You (loop)

Saturday June 27th 2pm-6pm: DJing at Merchants Tavern


I'll be DJing at the quite amazing Merchants Tavern on Saturday afternoon of the last weekend in June; so for those of you not going to Glastonbury if you need a wonderful bar, with great food, drinks served up by warm welcoming staff then please pop in, I'll be the one playing the warm and eclectic electronica through the amazing spiritland sound system

Oval Space Warm Up Set 20150305

Oval Space Warm Up Set 20150305 by Djmachv on Mixcloud

A lot can happen in a week.

Last Friday, whilst my wife and I were having afternoon tea at Ruben's in Victoria, my phone chirpred it's merry little sms chirp and there was a simple message from my friend Grant at Agency X saying "Would you like to do warmup for (Max Cooper's) Emergence? Has to stay not banging". Naturally  I jumped at the chance - this is Max Cooper's new AV one man show in a prime venue in London, under the auspicious gaze of LWE - a superb event promoter making deep impressions in the night club scene with uber hot DJs and dance music acts and as part of their London Electronic Arts Festival . "Sure, I'd love to" I replied. I was already getting excited.

I'd not been really thinking about DJing; I lost my Concrete residency last year and had turned my hand to doing weddings which is a completely different mindset to this - still fun, still rewarding, but you are playing what the couple and the audience want to hear - this would be different: I could play what I wanted within reason, I understood what a Warm Up slot means and there was the helpful remit of "Has to stay not banging".

Has to stay not banging. Not banging. HAS TO STAY.



Hmmm. The words echoed around my dusty and cavernous brain, like a Deep House looping vocal hook. Why would Grant say this? He knows that I'm not really that up for the banging tunes, why would he feel he needed to stress this? After a few more texts back and forth it made sense, because Max's set would start ambient and to give it the best opportunity to grow from that point you don't want the act before to be slamming out BIG TUNES building up the audience's expectation to think that whatever follows would be EVEN BIGGER. Fair enough. This was the remit and it was a remit I was happy with. I had two hours to play with and so I set myself to quietly build for an hour and a half and then half an hour to break it down.

So... why am I telling you all of this? Well... here's the thing: This set isn't two hours long; its 2 hours 20 minutes long. That might not mean anything to you but it might go to help you understand why, from 1h 35 the mix descends into an ambient wash out for 20 minutes and then starts to pick up again at 1hr 55... which might correspond to the moment I got told that Max wouldn't be starting at 9:00 but at 9:20.


This isn't a criticism nor a whinge. Far from it. At most it's an explanation of the flow of the set you're about to listen to, and more of a reminder to me (and to anyone else who cares to listen) not to plan too rigidly, not to be too prescriptive and to remind oneself that no matter what you think the plan is, it's not.

Hope you enjoy it


BvDub - Strength Underworld - M.E. Speedy J - DeOrbit Trentemøller - Always Something Better Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number 3 Deft - One Eye Open Opal Tapes - Coffee Aphex Twin - Xtal Deft - Vapid pt1 Fybe One - Harmonic Curve Luke Hess - Evidence Everywhere Vermont - Dynamik (Prins Thomas Version 1) Eagles for Hands - Glass Hands (Slow it Down Remix) Jamie XX - Far/Nearer The Slow Revolt - Farther Deft - A Little Kiss Shadow Child - Border Town (Synkro rmx) LostLojic/Innex - Last Goodbye Datassette - Cagney XOR Lacey (Pt 2) Echaskech - Form Function (Epic Washout mix) Mountains - Choral Synkro - Memories of Love Synkro - Why Don’t You Taso & Wolfbitch - Tria Seba - Painted Sky (DFRNT remix) Taso - Exi The Village Orchestra - Lo Pencil (The Village Orchestra remix)


I forgot to say: thanks to the numerous people who took time out to let me know how much they enjoyed my set - I know you don't have to do that, and it really makes a huge difference to my well being. Thank you, you're lovely, you are.

Also - thanks to the staff at Oval Spaces, LWE and LEAF for all the help (high 5 to Soundman Josh) as well as Hugs eternal for Grant at Agency X and of course Max for letting me do this.

Restaurant Review: Aqua Kyoto, Argyll Street, London


I haven't written a restaurant review for a while, which is poor of me, considering I've been eating well in this great city of ours (thanks to Hix, Tramshed, Kiku and Hawksmoor),  but I keep forgetting to take pictures and they help me remember the flavours.  It was our wedding anniversary (of seventeen years I'll have you know!) and to mark the occasion I'd booked us into lunch at a newish restaurant, one that I'd not heard of before; and after I read some reviews (not all very complimentary) I had my doubts.  Well... Aqua Kyoto proved to be far better than I thought it was. Food was well cooked, well prepared and - in places - innovative. We started sharing a plate of wagyu beef gyoza which were delicious (pictured above) with the brown miso paste adding a supportive sweetness to the fatty flesh.

I went for the chef's sushi platter which was of a good standard, with the salmon being delicious and  the roe and mackerel being outstanding.

10 piece sushi set from Aqua Kyoto

Miko went for a Chicken Teriyaki Bento box, which was an ample selection with decent enough prawn and samphire tempura, a egg coddled miso soup, a tomato salad and a selection of fresh sashimi. The Chicken was excellent: moist and smoky from the grill with a surprisingly tasty twist on the teriyaki standard.

Chicken teriyaki bento box from Aqua Kyoto

Service was fine and for a Saturday lunchtime we were almost alone in the whole huge restaurant, with only a couple of other tables occupied. The space (on the fifth floor of the old Dickens and Jones building) also has a roof top terrace where a handful of people were enjoying the last throws of this ridiculous indian summer. I expect that, in the evening this place is heaving with the well to do and well turned out people listening to the worst of whatever people in Made In Chelsea listen to when they go out, but for a celebratory and intimate lunch it was a great space. If I was to criticise any part of it, some of the eating utensils did look a little tired with some of the chopsticks and other wooden implements looking frayed; but the culinary expertise did make up for that.

The meal for 2 including one very nice cocktail and water and green (sencha) tea came to just over £80 (which included a 12.5% service charge).

Beat Unique Presents: Infinite Scale & Kinza Live AV Sets + DJs


Look I know I've been quiet. I'm sorry about that. But since me losing my residency at Concrete, in my defence, I've been busy. Stupidly so. Some of you might know of the Disco Shed (who won "Shed of the Year 2014" in the "Normal Shed" category in Channel 4's Amazing Spaces competition) well, they have a wedding dj business called "Disco Wed" and I've joined their ranks as one of their DJs, and they have been keeping me exceptionally busy; so, if you're thinking of getting married (or even if you're not) and you need a great, friendly, adaptable and hiqh quality dj to hire, you know where to go. September also saw me at Bestival with Disco Shed on what turned out to the best Bestival yet; a great crowd, great weather, wonderful crew, a fantastic location for the Disco Shed and not to mention the undeniably awesome company of Rachel Mavis Stringbot III. It just couldn't get any better than that.

But all of that is in the past. So what of the future?

On Nov 26th 2014 at the Sebright Arms Beat Unique are presenting a night of kick ass Electronica of the very highest quality, featuring Infinite Scale (live), DJ Sets from Digitonal and Phil Winter (Tunng/Wrangler and introducing Kinza (live). I'll be on the visuals for Infinite Scale on  the night and I'm slap bang in the middle of trying to make up a completely new visual show so, if you're free that night, please come down; it'll be topper.

If you're on the torrid and addictive monstrosity that we all call Facebook the event is set up here

Hope to see you there!