New Event: DJing at I Love Acid Friday 16th August 2019 (TONIGHT!)


A quick note to say that myself and Stuart P from Dear Boss will be taking over the Pickle Factory’s Cocktail at tonight’s (16/9/19) I Love Acid. In the main room once again the line up is super stellar with Altern 8 and Ceephax Acid Crew playing live supported by the excellent DJ talents of Posthuman and Brooklyn’s Lauren Flex (Bunker).

tickets available from Resident Advisor

New Mix: "Dig Deeper" a house mix for Digger.

Way back in April this year we gathered at a new venue in Tottenham Hale - Unit 58 - to celebrate Diggers birthday and this is what I played


D Train - You’re the One for Me 
Gnork - Yoga on E
Ramadanman/Appleblim - Void 23 (Carl Craig re-edit)
Lone - Temples
Orbital - Belfast
Jinje - Amya 
Agoria - Panta Rei (Max Cooper remix)
Steve Bug & Langenberg- Chord Cluster 
Underworld - Dark & Long 
Roza Terenzi - Up in Smoke 
Lone - From a Past Life 
No Moon - Infinite Dreams
Reptant - Liquid Aerobatics 
Lone - Pulsar

MIx should be downloadable from

New Video: Echaskech Live at Solarwaves, The Sundeck, Margate - June 15, 2019

A bit of a new venture here - I’ve never done any multicam stuff and always wanted to! Echaskech got booked to play at an outdoor gig at sundown so there wasn’t much of a visual requirement for me to fulfil so I came down and rigged some cameras and filmed the whole thing. Echaskech played an absolute blinder and this piece of improvisation was captured. Massive thanks to Solarwaves for the go pro foootage, Joshu Posthuman for the loan of the zoom cam and walkpro3D for the walking and dancing projections.

A Year on the Gin: Nikka Coffey Gin

A Year on the Gin: Elephant Gin

Obituary: John Rixon (a.k.a Amukidi)


It was with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of John Rixon (a.k.a Amukidi) on Monday 14th January. John had suffered a stroke on Boxing Day and since then had been in hospital. 

I wrote a few word for the Echaskech facebook page to try and mark his passing:

John was instrumental in legitimising the clubbing world’s use of visual arts: as visual coordinator for the Big Chill he helped and supported numerous audio visual acts - including ourselves - to get seen and heard. He was a huge fan of electronic music and was always keen to find out what we were up to. 

His own creations were always a joy to behold. Under the alias “Amukidi” (his name coming from a track by his long time friend and collaborator Roger Eno) he blended slow moving constantly changing abstract organic shapes and textures into ever changing landscapes that encouraged the audience to stop and engage with. 

In 2010 along with Simon Wild he curated “Quiet Voices” a show at the Tate Britain gallery that featured live audio visual performances by artists such as Roger Eno, Jon Hopkins, Alucidnation and Animat (to name a small selection) and a short film programme that explored the nature of quiet. I was incredibly honoured to be selected to contribute a film. To be given the opportunity to have something that I help make be shown at one of the UK’s leading art galleries is still my highest accolade, and for that I am still humbled and will be forever grateful for the trust that John placed in me.

Though what will be missed the most will be John’s warm, friendly manner, supportive nature and his acerbic wit. Never one to mince words he always cut to the chase and let you know exactly how he felt whilst raising a smile..

My last meeting with John was at Awamu’s Together festival. We caught up and shared new musical findings he asked me what I was working on. I was reticent to bring it up because my current project (which had stalled) was so ephemeral and pointless and, when I’d discussed it with others, their eyes had glazed over. But not John - his eyes lit up and he grabbed my arm “Mark! You must finish this! I have to see it! It sounds right up my strasse!” Only John had that uncanny ability to see what I was trying to achieve! My last sight of John was of him grinning, bouncing around to a deeply ambient set by Misled Convoy, whilst mixing his beautifully intricate visuals across the screens. He never looked happier. 

Our thoughts are with all who loved John but especially to his wife Sarah and his children Pheebs and Clare.

You can happily spend hours watching John’s videos on Vimeo here

New Mix: A Broad Range - Together 2018

“Here it is the groove slightly transformed Just a bit of a break from the norm
Just a little somethin' to break the monotony
Of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be
A little bit out of control it's cool to dance
But what about the groove that soothes that moves romance
Give me a soft subtle mix...”

Here’s the “studio” cut of a mix I performed at Awamu’s third “Together” festival. It’s pretty much what I played but I added a longer introduction to it (which might help it last longer on SoundCloud) - the opening lines are from Grant Green’s amazing “Slick! Live at Oil Can Harry’s” lp - and there is a “bonus” track at the end that I really wanted to play but I knew time wouldn’t allow it, bcut for you, dear listener, you get to experience the genius of Raj Pannu’s “FSOJ”. The third track is a mashup of Skee Mask’s “Session Amp” and MJ Cole’s UK garage classic “Sincere” with extra beats and production courtesy of the ever patient Andy G from Echaskech. 

Hope you like it! Here’s the...


Louis Cole (feat. Genevieve Artadi) - When You're Ugly
Don Froth -  A Broad Range Widescreen Mix
MJ Cole vs Skee Mask - Sincere Amp (Mach And G’s mix)
LCD Soundsystem - Oh Baby
Echaskech - Twich
Deft - One Eye Open
Jim-e stack - Moments Noticed
Gnork - U
Joe -  mph
Dolly Parton - Jolene (Todd Terje remix)
Maribou State - Turnmills Club Mix
LXURY (Feat. The Deptford Goth)- Square 1 (Vox DUB)
Nasaya  (feat. cehryl)- Orange
Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year
Adam Port - Here is Why - Tonight (Adam Port Autobahn Edit)
Loidis - A Parade
Raj Pannu - FSOJ


New Video: Blob Ross Season 31 Episode 1: All the Colours (teaser)

As part of my continuing and seemingly never ending fascination with Bob Ross, here is episode 1 from season 31 with (along side the intro and outro) just the colours/colors or the word colour/color mentioned. Don't ask because I don't know. But I do know there's a lot more of these to come so you better just get used to it. 

Another year on the Gin: Marks & Spencer Gin 22

Another Year on the Gin: Brockmans Premium Gin

Another year on the gin: Whittaker's Pink Particular Gin

A Year on the Gin: 2017 Round up

So farewell then... to 2017 and a year on the gin. I've tasted in excess of 15 (I lost count) different gins this year (which, in itself, could be considered excessive for one person) most were great and some... well... but that's not important right now! What I guess matters is what was the best gin that I drank; and of course there is no "one gin" that will do everything - though tanqueray no.10 is pretty close to the most utilitarian gin (if it just wasn't so pricey) - but if I was to recommend one gin to drink that won't break the bank too much it would be Cotswolds Dry (if you've fallen in love with Hven you can "slum it" and save £'s by drinking Cotswolds dry; Hven is outstanding but a very expensive tipple). It's sweet, sharp, citrussy and excellently versatile gin and its price point won't break the bank. However my personal top gin discovery of the year would be Jinzu - though it's a speciality flavour with it's plummy sake overtones, it's just so fun and surprising and different I'm always wanting to have a bottle in the cupboard just so I can have that taste available to me. But the best most outstanding gin is Monkey 47. It's so amazing I wouldn't (couldn't) want to mix it with anything... and that's the problem - it's great as a treat to have a nip but sadly I can't waste valuable drinks cupboard space on a sipping gin. Stay tuned to see if 2018 will bring new gins to the front of the cupboard! #gin #ginstagram #gins #booze #2017 #2017roundup #gnt #ginandtonic #snapseed #twitter #review #hvengin #cotswoldsdrygin #monkey47 #jinzu #jinzugin

New Video: Blob Ross the overlays: Season 31

Following the upload of 'Friends Season 1 overlaid' (and the subsequent removal of it) I thought I'd try the same trick with US painting legend and guaranteed sleep aid: Bob Ross. This is every episode of season 31 (apart from the one with Steve, I mean... who needs Steve?) overlaid with a 10% opacity for each episode and a lighten blend applied. To give the episodes an anchor point all the episodes are approximately lined up when Bob says, "Let start..." The result is... trippy, but relaxing which is easily one of my favourite states to be in.

It's taken me a surprising two days to make this but the idea is to do the whole 300 odd episodes as one overlay (but not the ones with Steve, because, well, come on... not Steve*) so as long as I don't get sued and I find lots and lots of spare time I might do that.

*Steve is a great painter - possibly better than his father Bob - but he breaks the patterns here. And he keeps me awake.

A year on the Gin: Gin Mare

A year on the Gin: So farewell then...

A year on the Gin: The Alkkemist

A year on the Gin: So farewell then - Cotswolds Dry Gin

A year on the Gin: Cotswolds Dry Gin

A year on the Gin: Jinzu

A year on the Gin: The Botanist