New Mix: 30 Minutes of Techno (Live at the Dance Tunnel 1/6/2013)


Last year I was lucky to get asked to be the Support DJ at Fields' night promoting Max Cooper, Ghosting Season and The Slow Revolt at the epitome of the Shoreditch cellar club: Dance Tunnel. The Club was rammed and after a brilliant set by The Slow Revolt, with half an hour before the excellent Ghosting Season I didn't know what to play. I knew what I wanted to start with - Jon Hopkins' Open Eye Signal, but after that I was going to wing it... Tracklisting

 Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins
African People (Jokke Ilsoe rmix) by Trentemoeller
Bubble Chamber by Rob Clouth
Delirium Tremens by Benjamin Damage
HF029A1 by Sigha
001 by NN

30 minutes of Techno - Live at the Dance Tunnel, 1/6/13 by Djmachv on Mixcloud

Mach V @ Back To Mine, 13/02/2009: Adieu to Maldor


MaldorIt was an emotional day. Maldor Mayne, one of the original shining lights behind Back To Mine (and someone who guided me through the early stages of my Second Life existence) , has decided to take a break from Second Life and today was his last day. So, as I state at the beginning of this show, this one's for you, Mal. We're all going to miss you.


Mountains - Choral Animal Collective - My Girls Telefon Tel Aviv - Helen of Troy Fujiya & Miyagi - 100s & 1000s Squarepusher - Zounds Perspex Benga - Someone 20 Robert Henke - Diagonal Red Snapper - Bricked (Subway rmx) Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes Telefon Tel Aviv - You made a tree for the wold Red Snapper - Clam (remixed by Kelpe) Mountains - Melodica Fleet Foxes - Mykonos The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song Bon Iver - Beach Baby Bodof Songs - Things not done on a Sunday Animal Collective - Daily Routine Bowerbirds - La Denigracion

Here's the link (147Mb, 104mins, 192Kbps)

Mach V @ Back To Mine, 6th Feb 2009 download


Here's my latest random selection of tunage, as played at Back To Mine, in Shoki, Second Life. I do urge everyone I know to buy the new Telefon Tel Aviv LP "Immolate Yourself" and the Animal Collective's "Merriweather Post Pavillion" as both these releases will enrich your lives. Oh and with much thanks to Dom, I'm now podcasting this so you can stay up to date that way too. Anyway. hope you like the show. :)


Robert Henke - [_exit] Telefon Tel Aviv - You made a tree for the wold Animal Collective - My Girls Chemical Brothers - Chicos Groove Benga - Someone 20 Luke Vibert - Flyover The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are over Cornelius - Gum (Prefuse 73 remix) Bon Iver - Babys Bowerbirds - My Oldest Memory Fleet Foxes - Drops in the river Roger O'Donnell - In your hands Hadouken! - What She Did Benga - Night Si Begg - Are you a big boy DJ (Hecq rmx) Distance - Free Me Bon Iver - Woods

Right click to download (128Mb, 93 mins, 192 Kbps)

podcast link:

Back To Mine, 23rd Jan 2009 (90mins, 118Mb, 192Kbps)


the mine and me

So here's the latest audio installment in the never ending story that is me, playing records at home and in a virtual club in second life. Here's the tracklisting:

Alucidnation - Protocol Chachi Jones - Avery113 Q-Tip -  Won't Trade Roots Manuva - It's Me Oh Lord DJ Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world Fleet Foxes - Innocent Son Bowerbirds - The Ticonderoga Beak - Context Clues Cato 6 - Demicga The Titled Head of Compassion - With Easy Travel Attitude Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker Glory Slowdive - J's Heaven Juana Molina - Viva Solo Portishead - We Carry On Hadouken! - Wait for you Si Begg - Are you the big  boy dj? (si begg rmx) Jon Hopkins - Wire Bon Iver - Blood Bank

and here's the link

Back To Mine: Friday, 16th January 2009


This is my first set of 2009 in second life and it's a bit longer than my usual set - but that was I decided to play the most amazing Program Music 1 by Japanese Composer Kaishiwa Daisuke, which rocks in at a mammoth 35 minutes long, but is worth every single second of it. Anyway, here's the track listing:

Jon Hopkins - The Low Places Alucidnation - Ambushed Múm - There is a number of small things Erin Lang - Now Arovane - Instant Gods out of the box Roger O'Donnell - In your hands now Bad Loop - Kauniit Ihnmiset Fujiya & Miyagi _ Knickerbocker Glory Jon Hopkins - Insides Si Begg - Are you the Big Bog DJ (High Rankin rmx) Trance Induction - ET welcome song Simian Mobile Disco - It's the beat Underworld - Crocodile Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Spenza rmx) Si Begg - Better living through distortion (Si Begg rmx) Hadouken! - Get smashed gate crash The Titled Head of Compassion - Everlasting Peace Grid Múm - Sunday night just keeps on rolling The Titled Head of Compassion - Germ Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music 1 The Titled Head of Compassion - Slick Machinery AFX - Crying In Your Face Cato Six - Demicga

Here's the link: Right click to download, 206Mb, 2hrs, 26mins, 192Kbps

Back To Mine set: Best of 2008 round up


I finally managed to get down to it and sum up some of the great music that has made 2008 great for me and it's mostly LPs, which I suppose is a change in itself, as for the last 14 years of DJing my music purchases have been mostly made up of singles, but moving on to buying CDs and having an emusic subscription has changed that. Anyway - on with the list (it's not in order, but the best is saved to the last):

Track listing

Gel Sol: Raneboze -off IZ, on Upstairs Recordings Juana Molina: ¿Quién? (Suite) - off Una Dia, on Domino Portishead: The RIP - off 3, on Universal Sigur Ros: Festival - off Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, on EMI MGMT: Indie Rockers - not off Oracular Spectacular, on SonyBMG Hot Chip: Shake a fist (rmx by Diplo) - not off Made in theDark, on EMI James Yuill: No pins allowed - off Turning Down Water for Air, on Moshi Moshi Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - off Flight of the Conchords, on Subpop Goldfrapp: A&E (rmx by Maps) - not off Seventh Tree on EMI Alucidnation: Technically Warm - off Find Yourself on Big Chill Recordings Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal - off Fleet Foxes on Bella Union The Accidental: Illuminated Red - off There were Wolves, on Full Time Hobby Jamie Lidell: A Little Bit of Feel Good - off Jim, on Warp Sounds From The Ground: Sweet Confusion - off Brightwhitelight, on Waveform Benga & Coki: Night (Zinc rmx) -not off Diary of Afro Warrior, on Tempa Danny Byrd: Shockout - on Hospital Records Bon Iver: Blindsided - off For Emma, forever ago, on 4AD Jon Hopkins: Wire - off Insides, on Domino Jon Hopkins: Colour Eye - of Insides, on Domino

Right click to download the mp3 (132Mb, 90mins, 192Kbps)

Big Chill Bar Set: The shortest day, 21/12/2008


As luck would have it I got to play the first two sets at The Big Chill Bar on Sunday, which also happened to be the winter solstice and as I recorded it only seems fair to share it with you guys & gals - consider it a little xmas present from me to you. Here's the first three hours...

Track listing

Triologique: Airwaves Gel-Sol: Mourning Wok Transient: Electronic Data Gagle: Practice Tactics The Bird and the Bee : Because Bola: Phulcra LCD Soundsystem: Freak Out/Starry Eyes Sie & NM Ratio: Deep Blue Portishead: It Could Be Sweet Resouled: Grandma's Hands The Accidental: The Killing Floor Tungg: Soup Beak: Buggy Ride The Books: S is for Everysing Origami Biro: Dissect Ephemeral Bon Iver: Blindsided Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal Jon Hopkins: Light Through The Veins James Yuill: This Sweet Love (predictably addicted) Cornelius: Omstart Goldfrapp: A&E DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like? Transient: So Fine Piano Overlord: No Community Aloe Blacc: I'm Beautiful Bola: Halyloola Sounds From The Ground: Restless Planet Boelex: Last Stone James Yuill: The Drums for... Sunrise in February Jon Hopkins: The Low Places Tunng: Arms Skallander: Forgiven Gagle: Snow Revolution Resouled: Afta Lafta (Comes Tears) Fila Brazillia: Harmonicas are Shite Boards of Canada: music is math Prefuse 73: Beaten Thursdays Little Dragon: No Love Banzai Republic: In My Home Jamie Lidell: Question Mark Echabooty

Right click to download - 262Mb, 3hours long, 192kbps

Back to Mine Set: 12/12/2008, The Chihuahua Conspiracy


we wear chihuahua heads for you

Here's Fridays show for you, which was slightly freaky affair having an audience of chihuahua headed avatars, but if you can't beat them...

Track Listing

Bola - Diamortem Jon Hopkins - A Drifting Up Spenza - Rnb Rumbler The Books - Take Time Piano Overlord - You Stole My Stereo Outro (Fuck you for Fucking) Gagle - Practice Tactic Cornelius - Fit Song (Books remix) Sounds From The Ground - Waves Bola - Phulcra Freescha - Bulb Mosaic - Rubik One Second Bridge Jon Hopkins - The Low Places Tunng - Hands Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal Jon Hopkins - Light through the Veins TrenteMøller - Moan Spenza - overhead reduced Confutatis - Obsession Alucidnation - 16 Below Digitonal - Nothing left to say (Echaskech rmx) James Yuill - This sweet love (again yes I know) Simian Mobile Disco - Wooden Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped AFX - Fenix Funk 5

Here's the link (183Mb, 2hrs 10mins, 192kbps, mp3)

Back To Mine Show: 5/12/2008 Jon Hopkins O.D.


Jonkin Green HopkinOk, Ok I'm a sad Jon Hopkins Fan Boy - I admit it. But seriously, this new LP is just purely amazing - soft as kid gloves and hard as titanium nails. For now, you can only get the LP on iTunes. Anyway, I hope you like the show. :)

Track Listing

Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun Jon Hopkins - Vessel Over The Atlantic - Fly to the States James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas sneaky edit) Trentemøller - Rykketid (mach v's left on loop "edit?") The Knife - Silent Shout Jon Hopkins - Light though the Veins Noraj Cue - Nightswimming (very long breaks version) Bola - Waknuts Sounds From The Ground - Restless Jon Hopkins - Wire Spenza - Gob Bad Loop - Mmin Sounds From The Ground - Sweet Confusion James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

here's the link 126Mb, 1hr 31mins, 192kbps

Echaskech & AGT Rave Cru Live! Concrete, SBE, Dec 20th Free

echaskechWe're celebrating xmas with a full acid rave party at our South Bank home, Concrete (next to the Hayward Gallery) from 8pm till 1pm (free entry). Expect party hats, streamers and you dancing to kick ass acid fulled techtronic breaks! Alongside Echaskech, we've also got the Ravetastic AGT Rave Kru playing Live so that's two top notch bands and all for nowt! :)

Look forward to seeing you.

Dom, Andy & Mach.


Back To Mine 28/11/2008 Show for you.


Here's Friday's Show for you lovely people. I'm suffering with a cold at the moment, so not much talking on this one (thankfully) apart to whinge on about I "ribbish" I felt. Gah, I dunno... prima donna or what? ;)

Tracklisting Sigur Ros - Untitled Pink Floyd - Dogs (some of them) Cinematic Orchestra - Everyman The Tilted Head of Compassion - Everlasting Peace Grid Bola - Urenforpuren Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Development Bad Loop - Eri Valeire Piano Overlord - No Community (Blu Jems K. Kings Version) Planet Boelex & Mosaic - Suunta Fleet Foxes - Sun it rises Caribou - Bees The Books - Take Time Tunng - Hands The Books - Exclamation Mark The Tilted Head of Compassion - Germ Eat Static - Area 51 Planet Boelex ft. K - Forever & Always

Here's the link

Back To Mine: Mitch Mitchell RIP (1hr 25mins, 120Mb)


Mitch MitchellMitch Mitchell, the drummer with The Jimi Hendrix Experience died on the Wednesday this week so, to commemorate that (and the fact that Heaven has a fantastic three piece up there now) we had a Jimi Hendrix session at Back To Mine on Friday.

Track Listing:

The Experience:

Rainy Day, Dream Away (Electric Ladyland) Still Raining, Still Dreaming (Electric Ladyland) Little Wing (In The West) Manic Depression (Are You Experienced) Radio One (Radio One sessions) Red House (In The West) Catfish Blues (Radio One Sessions) May This Be Love (Are You Experience) Peter Gunn Catastrophe (War Heroes) Castles Made of Sand (Axis Bold of Love) Highway Chile (War Heroes) Star Spangled Banner (Rainbow Bridge) The Queen/Sergeant Pepper's Heart Club Band (In The West) ------- Gagle - Snow Revolution Tunng - Arms Shugo Togumaru - Mushina Miko - 6am Juana Molina - El Vistado Capitol K - Love In Slow Motion Over The Atlantic - Heart Land James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

Right click to Download

Friday's (07/11/08) SL show for you all (1hr 45 mins, 151Mb)

Tracklisting FSOL - Environments II Joana Malina - Vive Solo Miko - Merry Go Round Gagle - Snow Revolution Jon Hopkins - Reprise Bola - Waknuts Sounds From The Ground - Restless Trentemøller - Blood In The Streets The Books - P.S. The Accidental - There were wolves Beak - Teach Texas Manners Arovane - Storm Flying Lotus - Breathe Something/Stella Star Trentemøller - Snowflake (live) Transient - Hoagie Hound James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas sneaky edit) Simian Mobile Disco - Run Planet Boelex - Diciassette anni (alternative take) 9B0 - Sad Cat ( remix) Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Remix) Over The Atlantic - Fly To The States

Here's the link:

Right click to download

Big Chill Bar Set (2/11/08) now online

Just over an hour and a half of tunage for you all; sorry about the abrupt beginning, I forgot to press record! ;) here's the link


Tunng - Hanged Origamibiro - Unravelled in Wreathes Accidental - Wolves Beak - Teach Texas Manners Skallander - Dismemberment Bon Iver - Blindsided Crosby, Stills and Nash - Helplessly Hoping Dan Arborise - Let me be Radiohead - Faust Arp Psapp - Triangle The Books - There is no There James Yuill - Packt like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box Transient - electronic data Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Look for the  Woman Nas - Get Down Ty - The Tale Bola - Zoft Broiled Ed Red Astaire - SBP Mark B & Blade - The Unknown People Under The Stairs - BBQ Jamie Lidell - What's The Use The Bird and the Bee - Because Piano Overlord - You Stole My Stereo Outro (Fuck You For Fucking) Jon Kennedy - Sit Tight Little Dragon - No Love Jon Martyn -Solid Air G Love & Special Sauce - Blues Music Piano Overlord - No Community

Back To Mine: Friday's Show ready for download Tracklisting was:

Kashiwa Daisuke - Stella Jon Hopkins - The Fourth State Mosaic - Among Plants Arovane - The Storm Bola - Waknuts Prefuse 73 - Beatern Thursdays Mosaic? James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas sneaky edit) Confutatis - Victimize Underworld - Boy, Boy, Boy. The Books - Tokyo Bon Ivor - Blindsided Tunng - Wood Arovane - Theme James Yuill - Drums For Transient - No Friends, No Enemies Origamibiro - Dissect Ephemeral James Yuill - Carpet From Kashmire Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Look for the woman Bola - Zoft Broiled Ed Tim Koch - Il Zak Fout Wagon Christ - Bend Over

Event: Djing at Big Chill Bar

It's great to be asked to play some records at the Big Chill Bar. Yes, it's an early start for most, including me, but still: me, you, some decks, booze and food : what a way to have your sunday lunch! I'l be playing some lovely down tempo and folktronic tunes to help you digest your roast and down a few beers.  I'll try to remember to record it for those not up or out of town.

Back to Mine: Friday's Second Life show up for download

The latest installment of my regular second life show "Back To Mine" is up for grabs for those who want it. Track listing was this: Bola - Diamortem Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Development Transient -  Electronic Data The Books - There Is No There Tunng - King The Accidental - The Killing Floor Future Sound of London - My Kingdom Planet Boelex - Suunta Bad Loop - Kauniit Ihmiset James Yuill - Packt Like Sardines Sigur Ros - Festival Bon Ivor - Re:Stacks Little Dragon - Twice James Yuill - Breathing In Bonobo - Nightlife G Love & Special Sauce - Things I used to do Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Rappers Battle Beak - Cake Transient - No Friends, No Enemies

Apologies for the distortion on some of the tunes - I didn't realise how high my levels were until listening to the recording afterwards. Next week will be much betterer. Promise! :)

Back To Mine Second Life Show, 10/10/08

Mix Archive (Sleepy Time): At Home, on Sunday (Spring 2008)

DJing at Home, in Second Life - Picture by Ka RasmasonAnother set recorded from Second Life. I was itching to play some ambient tunes and I talked my friend Altern8 into letting me to dj at his excellently designed chillout room at the Second Life Club space "Home" and here's the result. It starts off with an amazing piece by Tom Heasley, called "Prologue"; Tom makes these amazing pieces just using a Tuba (worth remembering when you're out searching for antique analogue synths for that illusive pad sounds). There's also 3 tracks from Gel-Sol - whom I'm quite happy to describe as a music genius - 2 off his new Ambient LP "IZ" ("Mourning Wok" and the title track) and his last more beat oriented LP "Unifactor" (both available from Upstairs Recordings) and a track by another music genius, Jon Hopkins off his surperb "Opalescent" LP, on Just Music; oh and, of course, an Echaskech tune "A Slow Day" (you can watch the video to that by cliicking here). Photo taken by Ka Rasmuson.

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