Mach V @ Back to Mine, 20110216 - The slacker returns


Ok, ok... I'm slacking. Not only is this recording from last week, there's no recording from this week to upload, because... hmmm well I took a break. You might wonder what inspired me to not do a set this week and I'm still wrestling around for a decent enough answer for that and I think it's because it's a combination of things. Firstly, I'm not completely happy with this recording; not just because the strange behaviour Torq displayed during Antony Shakirs' "Stereotype", but... well I don't know... It comes across a bit more melancholic than I was going for at the end... or maybe it just wasn't that coherent and each time I listened to it back, it felt a bit weird. Secondly, I've been so distracted with the new Radiohead LP I haven't really listened to anything else, which made it difficult for me to think about a set (apart from one made up soley of the LP) and thirdly, well it's was my birthday on Saturday (19th) and therefore I don't have to do anything and don't have to come up with a excuse for you all - you're just going to have to live with it. ;) Normal service will be resumed shortly. :) Oh and one last thing - massive congratulations to Jamie (Cato Basevi) and Charity (Sagesse Sautereau) who got married last week - it was a honour to be with you on a very special day for you and for all of us. :) Here's the


Marconi Union - Interiors
Mathew Jonson - When Love Feels Like Crying
Shed - Ithaw
Antony "Shake" Shakir - Stereotype
Sepalcure - Inside
Sepalcure - Fleur
SCB - 3_5
Will Saul & Mike Monday - Sequence 1
West Norword Cassette Library - Mrs Fingers
James Blake - Tell her Safe
Pariah - C-Beams
S.Carey - Broken
Kidkanevil - The Floating World
Julio Bashmore - Around
Scuba - Tracers
Pariah - Prism
Eliphino - L.F. (I know)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ventriloquizzing

BTM20110216 by machv