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Obituary: John Rixon (a.k.a Amukidi)


It was with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of John Rixon (a.k.a Amukidi) on Monday 14th January. John had suffered a stroke on Boxing Day and since then had been in hospital. 

I wrote a few word for the Echaskech facebook page to try and mark his passing:

John was instrumental in legitimising the clubbing world’s use of visual arts: as visual coordinator for the Big Chill he helped and supported numerous audio visual acts - including ourselves - to get seen and heard. He was a huge fan of electronic music and was always keen to find out what we were up to. 

His own creations were always a joy to behold. Under the alias “Amukidi” (his name coming from a track by his long time friend and collaborator Roger Eno) he blended slow moving constantly changing abstract organic shapes and textures into ever changing landscapes that encouraged the audience to stop and engage with. 

In 2010 along with Simon Wild he curated “Quiet Voices” a show at the Tate Britain gallery that featured live audio visual performances by artists such as Roger Eno, Jon Hopkins, Alucidnation and Animat (to name a small selection) and a short film programme that explored the nature of quiet. I was incredibly honoured to be selected to contribute a film. To be given the opportunity to have something that I help make be shown at one of the UK’s leading art galleries is still my highest accolade, and for that I am still humbled and will be forever grateful for the trust that John placed in me.

Though what will be missed the most will be John’s warm, friendly manner, supportive nature and his acerbic wit. Never one to mince words he always cut to the chase and let you know exactly how he felt whilst raising a smile..

My last meeting with John was at Awamu’s Together festival. We caught up and shared new musical findings he asked me what I was working on. I was reticent to bring it up because my current project (which had stalled) was so ephemeral and pointless and, when I’d discussed it with others, their eyes had glazed over. But not John - his eyes lit up and he grabbed my arm “Mark! You must finish this! I have to see it! It sounds right up my strasse!” Only John had that uncanny ability to see what I was trying to achieve! My last sight of John was of him grinning, bouncing around to a deeply ambient set by Misled Convoy, whilst mixing his beautifully intricate visuals across the screens. He never looked happier. 

Our thoughts are with all who loved John but especially to his wife Sarah and his children Pheebs and Clare.

You can happily spend hours watching John’s videos on Vimeo here

My set from Big Chill FM, Eastnor Castle 2009


Big Chill FMThis is my set from Big Chill FM at this years Big Chill Eastnor Castle Festival ( ). Originally broadcast live from 10am to 12pm on Sunday August 9th, 2009, it starts out ambient and gradually more and more beats are added in - there was a little problem with the mic level at the beginning (it's probably for the best) but it gets sorted out about 30mins in. With huge thanks to the wonderful and eminently huggable Paul Noble ( ) for sorting out the recording for me and big love to all the Big Chill radio crew for having me.


Mountains - Choral Helios - Dragonfly across an ancient sky The Tilted Head of Compassion - Germ Echaskech - Redeploy Beak - Teach Texas manners The Accidental - Jaw of a whale Horse Feathers - Curs in the weeds Bowerbirds - My Oldest Memory Fink - Blueberry Pancakes Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance Nick Drake - Place to be Halogen - Not the remix Jon Hopkins - A drifting up Woodblue - Deji Mint - Grace (Input Junkey remix) Soft - Soft Bola - Noop Peter Gabriel - in your eyes (DF Tram remix) Yimino - Squeeze Me Echaskech - Future Sex Hell - I prefer women to men anyway Subway - Xan School of Seven Bells - Face to face on high hopes Gossip - Holy Cross Penfold Plum - English for immigrants Transient - Ain't no cure for the way you walk

BCFM20090809 by machv

Mach V Mix Archive: Mach V & Herby Vor: Songs from The Atrium


Herby and the Mach - Naxos 2002Ok... to make up for the dreadfully poor show by me on Friday and not managing to do my show from Back To Mine (trust me - it was better I didn't: after a very very good night with Dom and Dave G, firstly at The Big Chill's 15th birthday and then on to Fabric for the annual Breakspoll awards) here's a release from the mix archive. It was originally released in December 2005 and was a collaboration between myself and the marvellously talented and scrumptious Herby Vor and was lovingly constructed in Cakewalk. Normal service will be resumed next Friday. Photo taken by Miko Coffey at  Big Chill Naxos, 2002: The most fun a human can actually have.

Track Listing: 1. Beatles – Because (Apple) 2. Your Revolution – DJ Vadim ft Sarah Jones (Killer Kela mix) (Nijatune) 3. Unforscene ft Alice Russell – Don’t You Worry (Wah Wah 45s) 4. Verna Francis – Never Too Late (ChilliFunk) 5. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Jive US) 6. Hardkandy – Summer of ’95 (Catskills) 7. The P.T.A. – Frontin’ (Throw Away Records) 8. Jackson 5 – I Want you Back (Z Trip remix) (Motown Remixed) 9. The P.T.A. – Breakin’ (Throw Away Records) / Lyrics Born – Do That There acapella (Quanum Projects) 10. DJ Nu Mark & Pomo - Blendcrafters : Melody Remix ft MF Doom (Genuine) 11. Jon Kennedy – Tell Me How You Feel (Tru Thoughts) 12. Backini – Where R U (Lumenessence) 13. Talc - Modern Sleepover (Wah Wah 45s) 14. Red Astaire - Whatcha Do (G.A.M.M) 15. Seven Samurai - Marvin (G.A.M.M) 16. Faith Evans - Mesmerized (Capitol) 17. Jimmy Screech - Let’s Get Moving (Banana Klan) 18. Fat Freddy’s Drop - Roady - The Nextmen Walnut Mix (Kartel) 19. Lord Finesse vs. Percee P - Rematch (BBP) 20. Mach Vor - Autumn Rematch (White Label) 21. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Ninja tune)

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Big Chill Bar Set: The shortest day, 21/12/2008


As luck would have it I got to play the first two sets at The Big Chill Bar on Sunday, which also happened to be the winter solstice and as I recorded it only seems fair to share it with you guys & gals - consider it a little xmas present from me to you. Here's the first three hours...

Track listing

Triologique: Airwaves Gel-Sol: Mourning Wok Transient: Electronic Data Gagle: Practice Tactics The Bird and the Bee : Because Bola: Phulcra LCD Soundsystem: Freak Out/Starry Eyes Sie & NM Ratio: Deep Blue Portishead: It Could Be Sweet Resouled: Grandma's Hands The Accidental: The Killing Floor Tungg: Soup Beak: Buggy Ride The Books: S is for Everysing Origami Biro: Dissect Ephemeral Bon Iver: Blindsided Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal Jon Hopkins: Light Through The Veins James Yuill: This Sweet Love (predictably addicted) Cornelius: Omstart Goldfrapp: A&E DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like? Transient: So Fine Piano Overlord: No Community Aloe Blacc: I'm Beautiful Bola: Halyloola Sounds From The Ground: Restless Planet Boelex: Last Stone James Yuill: The Drums for... Sunrise in February Jon Hopkins: The Low Places Tunng: Arms Skallander: Forgiven Gagle: Snow Revolution Resouled: Afta Lafta (Comes Tears) Fila Brazillia: Harmonicas are Shite Boards of Canada: music is math Prefuse 73: Beaten Thursdays Little Dragon: No Love Banzai Republic: In My Home Jamie Lidell: Question Mark Echabooty

Right click to download - 262Mb, 3hours long, 192kbps

VJ gig: Nice Up! Big Chill House Nov 22nd


Nice UP! flyerI'm VJing at the Big Chill House for Nice Up! which means I get a comfy seat to hear Benny Page & JStar DJ.

And if that's not enough, my temporary structured compadres, The Disco Shed, are taking over the top room too! What a night it's going to be!

9pm - 3am, Entry £5

What say:

Another bumper line up on a Friday night, this time the NICE UP! crew invite drum and bass/dubstep hero Benny Page to come and blow the joint. After a series of reggae tinged drum and bass monsters, he has slowly been building his rep as one of the toughest new producers on the scene, as well as dipping his toe into dubstep. Joining him, alongside resident DJ Shepdog is reggae/hip hop mash up don Jstar and his crowd hyping sidekick MC Honey Brown. Never ones to play it safe, they always NICE UP! the dance good and proper.

Upstairs, festival favourites The Disco Shed Soundsystem bring their unique brand of shedonistic disco, funk, singalong classics and perhaps the odd garden gnome or 2. Just the recipe for getting shedded!

Big Chill Bar Set (2/11/08) now online

Just over an hour and a half of tunage for you all; sorry about the abrupt beginning, I forgot to press record! ;) here's the link


Tunng - Hanged Origamibiro - Unravelled in Wreathes Accidental - Wolves Beak - Teach Texas Manners Skallander - Dismemberment Bon Iver - Blindsided Crosby, Stills and Nash - Helplessly Hoping Dan Arborise - Let me be Radiohead - Faust Arp Psapp - Triangle The Books - There is no There James Yuill - Packt like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box Transient - electronic data Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Look for the  Woman Nas - Get Down Ty - The Tale Bola - Zoft Broiled Ed Red Astaire - SBP Mark B & Blade - The Unknown People Under The Stairs - BBQ Jamie Lidell - What's The Use The Bird and the Bee - Because Piano Overlord - You Stole My Stereo Outro (Fuck You For Fucking) Jon Kennedy - Sit Tight Little Dragon - No Love Jon Martyn -Solid Air G Love & Special Sauce - Blues Music Piano Overlord - No Community

Event: Djing at Big Chill Bar

It's great to be asked to play some records at the Big Chill Bar. Yes, it's an early start for most, including me, but still: me, you, some decks, booze and food : what a way to have your sunday lunch! I'l be playing some lovely down tempo and folktronic tunes to help you digest your roast and down a few beers.  I'll try to remember to record it for those not up or out of town.