First of the old mixes for you to download - Life is Beautiful (2002)


Life Is Beautiful I've started to populate the "mix archive" section of the site. First up is "Life is Beautiful" 74 minutes of Liquid Funk (ugh! I still hate that term), encoded at 192kpbs for your mp3 boxes. It was a culmination of many late night SoxaN sets at The Rhythm Factory and was the first mix cd that SoxaN put out. I'm still playing Del Boy's "Easyboomtastic" bootleg to this day... (*makes notes* must buy more records...) ;) Huge shout outs to Johnny Clash (Bam Bam Sound) & fancygirl (Daft Pink) who were my "sound boards" for this. Described by some as my best drum and bass mix - which is very flattering indeed (and listening to it now, even i admit it's frikkin' great) - but I better buck up my ideas up as this was recorded about 6 years ago! ;) Props to DJ Marky, Tony C from Hospital Records and John B.

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