Back To Mine 28/11/2008 Show for you.


Here's Friday's Show for you lovely people. I'm suffering with a cold at the moment, so not much talking on this one (thankfully) apart to whinge on about I "ribbish" I felt. Gah, I dunno... prima donna or what? ;)

Tracklisting Sigur Ros - Untitled Pink Floyd - Dogs (some of them) Cinematic Orchestra - Everyman The Tilted Head of Compassion - Everlasting Peace Grid Bola - Urenforpuren Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Development Bad Loop - Eri Valeire Piano Overlord - No Community (Blu Jems K. Kings Version) Planet Boelex & Mosaic - Suunta Fleet Foxes - Sun it rises Caribou - Bees The Books - Take Time Tunng - Hands The Books - Exclamation Mark The Tilted Head of Compassion - Germ Eat Static - Area 51 Planet Boelex ft. K - Forever & Always

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Friday's (07/11/08) SL show for you all (1hr 45 mins, 151Mb)

Tracklisting FSOL - Environments II Joana Malina - Vive Solo Miko - Merry Go Round Gagle - Snow Revolution Jon Hopkins - Reprise Bola - Waknuts Sounds From The Ground - Restless Trentemøller - Blood In The Streets The Books - P.S. The Accidental - There were wolves Beak - Teach Texas Manners Arovane - Storm Flying Lotus - Breathe Something/Stella Star Trentemøller - Snowflake (live) Transient - Hoagie Hound James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas sneaky edit) Simian Mobile Disco - Run Planet Boelex - Diciassette anni (alternative take) 9B0 - Sad Cat (Flack.su remix) Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Remix) Over The Atlantic - Fly To The States

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Back to Mine: Friday's Second Life show up for download

The latest installment of my regular second life show "Back To Mine" is up for grabs for those who want it. Track listing was this: Bola - Diamortem Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Development Transient -  Electronic Data The Books - There Is No There Tunng - King The Accidental - The Killing Floor Future Sound of London - My Kingdom Planet Boelex - Suunta Bad Loop - Kauniit Ihmiset James Yuill - Packt Like Sardines Sigur Ros - Festival Bon Ivor - Re:Stacks Little Dragon - Twice James Yuill - Breathing In Bonobo - Nightlife G Love & Special Sauce - Things I used to do Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Rappers Battle Beak - Cake Transient - No Friends, No Enemies

Apologies for the distortion on some of the tunes - I didn't realise how high my levels were until listening to the recording afterwards. Next week will be much betterer. Promise! :)

Back To Mine Second Life Show, 10/10/08

Mix Archive (Sleepy Time): At Home, on Sunday (Spring 2008)

DJing at Home, in Second Life - Picture by Ka RasmasonAnother set recorded from Second Life. I was itching to play some ambient tunes and I talked my friend Altern8 into letting me to dj at his excellently designed chillout room at the Second Life Club space "Home" and here's the result. It starts off with an amazing piece by Tom Heasley, called "Prologue"; Tom makes these amazing pieces just using a Tuba (worth remembering when you're out searching for antique analogue synths for that illusive pad sounds). There's also 3 tracks from Gel-Sol - whom I'm quite happy to describe as a music genius - 2 off his new Ambient LP "IZ" ("Mourning Wok" and the title track) and his last more beat oriented LP "Unifactor" (both available from Upstairs Recordings) and a track by another music genius, Jon Hopkins off his surperb "Opalescent" LP, on Just Music; oh and, of course, an Echaskech tune "A Slow Day" (you can watch the video to that by cliicking here). Photo taken by Ka Rasmuson.

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Mix Archive (Sleepy Time): Aural Epidural (2007)


islaIn the summer of 2007 I was approached by Bev and Pete (a.k.a MrsPirate and PiratePete) to provide a mix to accompany the birth of their first child, Isla. Initially I was thrown into a panic; having never attended a birth before (apart from my own, of course) I had no idea what they would want to hear during that incredibly emotional time; I knew it had to be long as first births have a reputation for being drawn out affairs and I knew I didn't want to stick to a tempo as, after a while that would just get annoying. They'd given me a free reign on music selection, trusting me implicitly so it was all up to me. So, I decided to put something together that would try and calm, relax, entertain, but also not try dominate the proceedings. I didn't want to have too much vocal stuff in there as I presumed there would be enough chatter/instruction/shouting/swearing going on without my mix adding to it. As fate would have it, due to the frenetic nature of a birth and some technical problems it wasn't used but has gone to keep Isla (and Bev and Pete) music entertained. Personally I use it, after a very good and heavy night, to drift off to sleep to ;)

Photo of Isla, courtesy of the Pirates.

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First of the old mixes for you to download - Life is Beautiful (2002)


Life Is Beautiful I've started to populate the "mix archive" section of the site. First up is "Life is Beautiful" 74 minutes of Liquid Funk (ugh! I still hate that term), encoded at 192kpbs for your mp3 boxes. It was a culmination of many late night SoxaN sets at The Rhythm Factory and was the first mix cd that SoxaN put out. I'm still playing Del Boy's "Easyboomtastic" bootleg to this day... (*makes notes* must buy more records...) ;) Huge shout outs to Johnny Clash (Bam Bam Sound) & fancygirl (Daft Pink) who were my "sound boards" for this. Described by some as my best drum and bass mix - which is very flattering indeed (and listening to it now, even i admit it's frikkin' great) - but I better buck up my ideas up as this was recorded about 6 years ago! ;) Props to DJ Marky, Tony C from Hospital Records and John B.

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