A Year on the Gin: 2017 Round up

So farewell then... to 2017 and a year on the gin. I've tasted in excess of 15 (I lost count) different gins this year (which, in itself, could be considered excessive for one person) most were great and some... well... but that's not important right now! What I guess matters is what was the best gin that I drank; and of course there is no "one gin" that will do everything - though tanqueray no.10 is pretty close to the most utilitarian gin (if it just wasn't so pricey) - but if I was to recommend one gin to drink that won't break the bank too much it would be Cotswolds Dry (if you've fallen in love with Hven you can "slum it" and save £'s by drinking Cotswolds dry; Hven is outstanding but a very expensive tipple). It's sweet, sharp, citrussy and excellently versatile gin and its price point won't break the bank. However my personal top gin discovery of the year would be Jinzu - though it's a speciality flavour with it's plummy sake overtones, it's just so fun and surprising and different I'm always wanting to have a bottle in the cupboard just so I can have that taste available to me. But the best most outstanding gin is Monkey 47. It's so amazing I wouldn't (couldn't) want to mix it with anything... and that's the problem - it's great as a treat to have a nip but sadly I can't waste valuable drinks cupboard space on a sipping gin. Stay tuned to see if 2018 will bring new gins to the front of the cupboard! #gin #ginstagram #gins #booze #2017 #2017roundup #gnt #ginandtonic #snapseed #twitter #review #hvengin #cotswoldsdrygin #monkey47 #jinzu #jinzugin