Desert Rose Resort

TGSWRT: Day 14 & 15 - 'Vegas and beyond


There's not a lot I can say about Las Vegas that you don't already know, except all I can add is it's all true. We pootled around the strip during the day, visiting the various casinos, more for the architecture than anything else - for example: within one stretch you can climb to the top of The Eiffel Tower, see the Empire State building & take a goldalier trip round Venice. At dusk we ventured north to the old strip on Fremont Street (home to the original casinos like "The Golden Nugget" and "The Four Queens") to witness The Fremont Street Experience which was pretty spectacular and goes to show what lengths the casino owners will go to just to get you in the area, let alone into a casino and actually gambling. I could go on, but to be honest the day was exhausting and left us both a little cold - we came to see Las Vegas and that's what we did, but in doing that we became removed from the experience and that was our problem. Unless you are willing to throw yourself into what Vegas can offer you - which is (as you know) 24 hour party time with gambling, show girls, glitz, glamour, salaciousness, music, booze, big cigars (this is the first time for a while I've seen smoking indoors - that was a bit weird) and much,mcuch more, then you're just going to end up wondering why the hell you are there. To it's credit It's one hell of a party town and long may it continue... just let it continue without me, please. ;)

This morning we checked out of the Desert Rose Resort (which was lovely, by the way; despite being next to the world's biggest Hooters and the Airport, our apartment was quiet, spacious, clean and very reasonably priced) and got on the road again. 400 miles later (via a very short stop over into the Mohave Desert National Park) sees us in Visalia, which is a small town near Fresno and only 60 miles outside our next stop: Sequoia National Park home to the giant "Redwood" trees.