New Video: Tokyo Sunset/Freescha "The Sun is Still... Still..."


I've just uploaded a simple video shot from the top of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills, Toyko, during our Trip to Japan in Spring 2013. Music is by Freescha off their LP Freeschaland. It was shot in real time and then sped up in FCP, I've added some colour correction and some 16mm grain to warm it up. The pan and scan is all in post. I wanted the sun to be set when the vocal refrain kicked in to remind us that, even though the Sun is Set, it's still high in the sky. :) This was made to be shown at the Boards Of Canada Influences night " A Few Old Tunes" at Catch on Kinglsand Road, Shoreditch, London June 20th. Along with Echaskech's BT Tower Video and the Sepalcure's London Eye video I think I might have a thing for locked off single shot time lapsed videos from tall buildings. ;)

[vimeo id="69790894" width="600" height="350"]