Mix Archive: Hi-Fidelity (1997) and Robotic Transform Cassette (1998) Classic Atmospheric DnB


Ok, sets from the archives for you. Before I went by the DJ name of Mach V (and before a certain Brazilian Drum and Bass Supremo came over to these shores) I went by the name of DJ Marky. This first set comes from 1997 when I was totally in love with Atmospheric Drum and Bass; I was a true Good Looking Organisation fan boy and these mixes goes to show how much. I'd actually thought I'd lost both of these when we got rid of all our tapes (as they were originally recorded and distributed to my friends on good old TDK AD90 cassettes) but I was contacted by an old friend of mine who now lives in Australia who still had copies of the tapes and had encoded them for me. So here it is for you it all it's splendour. They still sound amazing today, 15 years later. Here's the Tracklisting

Woofer: Negativeland - Hiccups Intense - Careless Minds The Invisible Man - Spiritual Awareness New Balance - Reflections The Invisible Man - Stormfields Blu Mar Ten - Future Proof P.F.M. - The Mystics

Tweeter Rozi Size Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag Zephyrus - Dubgnostics P.F.M. - The Eleventh Hour Flytronik - Overcast Swing Blu Mar Ten - Myriad Dave Wallace - Waves Aphrodite - Spice (of the gods remix)

Hi-Fidelity: Atmospheric Drum and Bass set from 1997 by machv

this next one's from a year later but still originally recorded and distributed on wonderful TDK cassettes.


Klaatu: Blu Mar Ten: Slipstream Blame: Centuries Seba: Remedy Artemis: Alysian Fields Artemis: Sun Voyage Motive One: Loop Progression Hieroglphix: Rhythm is Back

R2D2: Guardians of Dalliance: Blue Green Carlito: Second Coming Big Bud: Mystique TQ1: Tunnel Vision Voyager: Apollo Odyssey: Object* Blu Mar Ten: Fall KMC: Alpha Centuri


Robotic Transform Cassette: Atmospheric Drum and Bass set 1998 by machv