Mach V @ Back To Mine, 20101020


A shorter set than normal this week due to some technical issues with Second Life, which also glady covered up the fact that though I was happily DJing for the first 10 minutes I wasn't actually broadcasting. (d'oh). Anyway... enough of my incompetance. :) This week it's mostly a Garage (Future/UK/Speed Garage/UK Funky/Bassline/Dubstep/2step/4x4... whatever! You can argue about specific genres amongst yourselves) selection, fuelled by a trip to Juno the day before and picking up a tasty selection of 135bpm dance music. I have to say the online shopping experience at Juno was really good: the ease of use of their player, their instant recommendations, the length and quality of the samples and the general site navigation was all very, very good indeed - the only thing that was a slightl let down was their download manager, which needed a prod and poke or two to actually download all of the tracks and it was a bit shonky while doing that, but apart from that it all worked well. To be fair to Juno, it's still a Beta product so I'm not that fussed by it. Here's the...


Fourtet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison rmx) Joy Orbison - So Derobe Lee Jones - Aria 501 - Bring the styles back Kraymer - Brothers Zinc - GTAC Katy B - On a Mission Dark Sky - Drowned City Phaelex/Hxdb/Psychonaut - invisible Touch Al Tourettes & Appleblim - Mr Swishy Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo CRST - Dial the Operator SCLIST - Cyanide Zinc - 128 Trek Lorn - Void i & ii

BTM20101020 by machv

There's also a couple of old Drum and Bass mixes up on soundcloud now, that have been dragged up from the archives:

"Life is Beautiful" from 2003

Life Is Beautiful by machv South Circular from 2001

South Circular by machv