Mach V @ Back To Mine, 20101013

First off, sorry about the clipping on the first half an hour or so of the recording, it's not too bad, but it is annoying - I've tried to adjust the levels in audacity for you so it's a more even listening experience for your sensitive but highly tuned lug holes. There's not a lot of news from me, this week. I mention in the show that I'd add the Akido's Gamechanger LP link for the free download so here it is if you like physical media, the cd art work looks ace, too. The other freebie is the Secret Station Records Compilation "Broadcast 3" which you can get from here as well as many other great goodies, but don't be too greedy - remember to buy some stuff too. News of both freebies came to me via the excellent ASIP . Now, with no further ado, lets get on with the...


Akido - Turnaround Drexon Field - Rainbow Not So Bright Lawrence - In Your Eyes Mount Kimbie - mayor Pantha du Prince - Sach mal Baum Gold Panda - You (Minotaur Shock rmx) Bonobo - Bossa Baja Input Junkie - Seven Bells Mount Kimbie - Carbonated Proem - Splutterfly Lorn - Glass & Silver Yimino - Bintliptick Akido - Radium Girls Fink - Sort of Revolution City and Colour - As Much As I Ever Could Volcano Choir - Still Specta Ciera - Sunflower  Stuff Tycho - Sunrise Projector

BTM20101013 by machv