Mach V @ Back To Mine, 5th May 2010

With me borking the recording last week I intended to just play through the tracklisting from last Wednesday as, apart from it being distorted, it wasn't too bad a set, and with my back playing up I wanted an easy ride for this show. However that idea lasted about four tracks in when I got distracted (SQUIRREL!) and confused and couldn't find the next planned track in Torq so I wandered off the path... and in a most delightful way :). Here's the...
Verulf - Reprise
Dead Can Dance - mesmerism
Animal Hospital - Nostalgia
Transient - Kingdom of Fluff
Wisp - Daffodil
Drexon Field - August
Sigur Ros - Flugelfrelsarinn
Peter Broderick - Broken Patterns
Lunar Testing Lab - Black Sands
FUR - Friends (Drexon Field remix)
Boc Scadet - Lumen
The Durutti Column - Nina
Tunng - Sweet William
Ruxpin - Her Body Smells like Cinnamon
Isan - Cinnabar
Working For a Nuclear Free City - Over
Working For a Nuclear Free City - Dead Fingers Walking
Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky.
Slowdive - Rutti
Dan Arborise - Under Your Spell

BTM20100505 by machv