Mach V at Back To Mine 20100421 - Secret Station Session


This week, thanks to the A Strangely Isolated Place blog , all the bands featured in the show are signed artists to Secret Station Records who, in an act of supreme generosity, allow you to take a healthy slice of their roster, completely free of charge, and what a roster it is. Here's the


Lunar Testing Station - Sounds of Today (Rising From Earth) FUR - Black Castles Verulf - Reprise Specta Ciera - All around the trees United Club Wear - ill capitano Our Valley - Caladium Drexon Field - Limoncello Liquor is Wonderful FUR - Friends (Drexon Field remix) United Club Wear - You are a Pro Paneye - Bay of Withered Gardens Verulf - Sunday Lunar Testing Lab - MK Naomi Drexon Field - My Little Snowflake Spectra Ciera - It's Barely There (Benjamin Dauer remix) Straywel - Mathematics FUR - UB3131 Drexon Field - Message Invays - M1 Motorway Kontyx - Notion

All available from here for absolutely nothing BTM20100421 - Secret Station Session by machv