Mach V at Back to Mine, 20100406 - Torq & BeaTunes.

This set is my first "laptop dj" set as I'm now a proud owner of Torq ( Proud but still a little bit confused... For those who are interested, I'm running it on a Mac Book Pro G5 Power Book and (at present) i'm using one control Vinyl and one control CD. I was hoping to be running two control cds but I'm finding the control vinyl to be far more responsive and easier to get on with, but due to the way my decks are set up, using two control vinyls is going to take some DIY to build something for the laptop to sit on as, right now, my laptop can only sit on one of the turntables. On the Mac, I'm running spaces, with Torq running in one, with Second Life, Nicecast, Textedit and Console in another, and in a third, I'm running Beatunes ( One thing I'm guilty of, in doing these weekly shows, is concentrating on the newer music of my library so, to help me "dig deeper" I'm using Beatunes matchlists to suggest tracks that it thinks are like a track I'm playing. Beatunes analyses your itunes library in a unique way: it works out bpm values, the tonal key of the track and also "colour codes" it it listens to the track and gives it a colour to represent what it thinks the track sounds like, the colours creating a unique palate or view of your itunes library. Then you can build "match lists" based on a single track (or more) and specify how much you'd like the resulting tracks to be like the ones you chose. It's like Genius playlisting, but a lot more configurable; you can specify how similar or unsimilar you'd like the matched tracks to be, all this and keeps a tight but exceedingly helpful reign on all your mp3 tags and iTunes catagories whilst it analyses your tracks. This, it's worth pointing out, can take a reaaaaallly looooooong time, especially the first time you do it; if you have a library like mine (over 3000 tracks) expect your mac to be running for most of a weekend. So it's a bit of a shift in focus for me - new software and a new way of chosing the tracks I play - and I reckon it's going to take me a while to get used to the new way. But anyway - listen to me going on! Here's this weeks


Peter Broderick - Games & Games Again Tunng - October Fleet Foxes - Sun it Rises The Durutti Column - Neil Glen Hansard & Marketa Iglova - Drown Out Dub Tractor - Higher Hopes Wisp - Turquois Tinged Pennies Luke Vibert - Radio Savalas Grand National - Peanut Dreams Lusine - Baffle Working for a Nuclear Free City - Troubled Son Gorillaz (ft Little Dragon) - Empire Ants Ty - Sophisticated & Coarse Hint (ft Laura Vane) - One woman army Psapp - Parker Massive Attack - Splitting the Atom Bibio - Great are the piths Lusine - Operation Costs Dan Arborise - Another Side of the Sky

BTM20100407 by machv