Isolated Mix No7: Mach V/Echaskech

ASIPIt's about time you lovely people got a new "proper" mix from me, one with planning and no talking and I'm extremely chuffed that it's for the fantastic A Strangely Isolated Place Blog which is one of the best electronica resources on the planet, an aggregator for quality mixes and artist news - definitely one to book mark, if you haven't already.


00:00 Animal Collective – Graze 03:20 Snowblink – Ambergris 08:10 Klimek – Exploding Unbearable Desires 11:30 Jonsi & Alex – Indian Summer 20:04 Halogen – Baked 22:06 Sounds From The Ground – Crystal Beam 25:43 Echaskech – Redeploy 29:04 Dub Tractor – This Is Order 31:50 Zero 7 – Ghost sYMbOL 36:19 Yimino – Migranova 40:07 Landau – Good Morning Gravity 44:24 The Village Orchestra – Lo Pencil (The Village Orchestra remix) 52:14 Beaufort Scale – Dreaming in Binary (Echaskech mix)

isolatedmix 07 - Mach V (Echaskech) by  astrangelyisolatedplace