Mach V @ Back To Mine: Wed, 3rd Feb 2010... Wait! Is that right?

Well, yes it is. Sadly, after 2 years (maybe more?) of doing Back To Mine, in Second Life on a Friday, it's getting harder and harder for me to turn up to my own nights so it's time to change. As from now, I'll be trying to do my weekly slot on a Wednesday now - same time as before 6:30pm - 8:00pm, same random shizzle but hopefully far more regular! :) Anyway here's the... tracklisting

Klimek - Abyss of anxiety Jonsi & Alex - Happiness Input Junkey - When it happens Animal Collective - what do i want? sky Dub Tractor - And you are back Volcano Choir - Islands, Is Peter Broderick - Not at Home Yimino - Doe Bop - I Found You Monolake - Polaroid Fracture & Nepture - Ventura Future Engineers - Life Support PFM - All of us Yimino - Kelpy Ten Ton Atom - Nepture Nathan Fake - Castle Rising Little Dragon - A New Wisp - Shep Shaep Sheep Kelpe - After Gold/Low Frequency Fumble

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