Birthday Boy at Back To Mine: 20100217


Well today's my 43rd birthday and I'm celebrating it in style by wearing pyjamas and mooching around the house nursing a happy hangover from many drinks from last night. This set (recorded 2 days ago) was a funny one - I came off the decks not feeling to great about it, I really didn't think it had gone down well, and I thought about not uploading it at all, but I then listened to it on the way to work and I couldn't have been more wrong - I loved listening to it. :) Granted the end is a bit weak and sort of tumbles down in tempo, but still, they're all top tunes. Talking of which, here's the:


Animal Collective - I Think I can
Thomas Feldmann - Next to the Field
Sounds From The Ground - Crystal Beam (out on March 8th
Dub Tractor - Sorry
Monolake - Null Pointer
Echaskech - Deserted
Snowblink - Green to Gone
Bibio - Great are the piths
Klimek - Ruined in a Day(Buenos Aires)
Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain
Underworld - Dinosaur
Nathan Fake - Fertinger
Luke Vibert - Arrogance
Holgen - Ohmu
Grizzle Bear - Merge (DNTL  remix)
Kelpe - The Blankout Aggrement
Trentemoeller - Always something better

BTM20100217 by machv