First Light by Sounds From The Ground


First Light by Sounds From The Ground. Part of John Rixon's "Quiet Voices" show at Tate Britain, January 8th 2010. from mach v on Vimeo.

[best viewed full screen - the bigger the better. ;)] In Autumn 2009 I was extremely privileged to be asked to contribute a visual piece to be included in John Rixon's (a.k.a Amukidi) "Quiet Voices" show at The Tate Britain on January 8th 2010. The music John gave me to interpret was a new piece called "First Light" from Sounds From The Ground (whom I've worked with as their VJ for the last 6 years) and is available as a download only release. The footage itself all comes from various national parks in the South West of USA: We start in the Petrified Forest, move on to Canyon de Chelly and the final scene is from Zion National Park. All the content was shot on a Panasonic HDC HS300 and edited in Final Cut Pro.