Mach V @ Back To Mine - 20091120

At the moment my life is all about video editing, so it was a really pleasant relief to get behind the decks this week and put some tunes together for you all. The first track - Sounds From The Ground's "First Light" is the piece that I'm working on for the Quiet Voices audio/visual show that Jon "Amukidi" Rixon is curating at The Tate Britain on Jan 8th, 2010. Also, special thanks to Adam Halogen for his new LP "Baked" which is bleedin' wonderful and you all need to buy a copy. Here's the full...


Sounds From The Ground - First Light Halogen - Millicent Luke Vibert - Hot Sick Max Cooper - Mnemonic Fuck Buttons - Olympians Dive Index - Water in my hands (Tiny Mile remix) Zero 7 - Ghost sYMbOL Yimino - Dot Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop The Village Orchestra - Lo Pencil (The Village Orchestra rmx) Jamie Lidell - Little Brother Tunng - Codebreaker Peter Broderick - There and Here Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason Halogen - Ohmu Kelpe - Eye Candy Bath Peter Broderick - Games Again Dan Arborise - Another Side of the Sky

BTM20091120 by machv