BTM20091016: The Return


(now updated with the right track! thanks to Souum for letting me know) Here's to Fridays and here's to djing back at Back To Mine, in Second Life. I really missed these sets and it was great to see so many friends turning up to turn up and listening in. :)

Here's the tracklisting:

Kirsty Hawkshaw (digitonal rmx) - Orange Peter Broderick - Games Thom Yorke - The Hollow Earth Yimino - Stoek Underworld - Greatest Mamgu ever Little Dragon - A New The XX - Basic Space (Mount Kimbie remix) Tunng - Codebreaker Peter Broderick - And it's alright Dan Arborise - Cries Bibio - Sugarette The XX - Shelter Little Dragon - Looking Glass Hell - The Disaster Subway - Persuasion Echaskech - The Calm/The Storm Yimino - No Gamet

BTM20091016 by machv