The Great South Western Road Trip of USA: Day 1

We arrived yesterday in the lovely bejewelled terminal of loveliness that is Dallas Fort Worth Airport: the departures area was rememinscent of Athens, 2000 at 3am; I forget how spoilt we are, comparing the depature areas of Gatwick and Heathrow. The flight was good, and restored my faith in BA somewhat with good service and some good entertainment on offer. The missus and I watched "Night at the Museum II" (unoffensive dross), "The Hangover" (funny - better than it should've been) and "Is anybody there?" (a charmingly bleak British movie about death staring Michael Caine). The food was pretty good, but that's down to the wonderful discovery of Hermolis Airline Kosher Catering Food, they really know how to feed people. :) We're currently in a Ramada (think Premier Inn) near the airport, waiting for our RV company to pick us up. Last night we jay walked across the highway to a Dennys (think Little Chef) where the menu was shiny and offered rich offerings of a multitude of yellow, red, orange and brown food, mostly concentrating around the breakfast theme; however... something had changed - this time the Dennys menu offered photos of a new food colour... GREEN! Yes, they were proud to offer the growing clientelle a variety of salads with a little green heart logo, mentioning that these healthy options were good for you because each of these new fangled dishes was guaranteed to contain less that 15gms(!!!) of fat. I loathe to think how much my non healthy prime stake sandwich with seasoned fries contained, but damn it was tasty. The missus opted for a chicken salad, the chicken coming either deep fried or grilled - she opted for fried.

Thanks to the marvels of Melatonin I'm now rested and ready to take on the big South Western road trip... or maybe that's the three cups of coffee I've had this morning... along with the huge waffle with syrup... accompanied with a full fat cream cheese bagel. The three pieces of fruit that I purloined from our continental breakfast buffet are silently judging me...

More to come as and when the internet will allow.