TGSWRT: Day 2 - Denton


Today's marvellous multi caloried meal was breakfast at IHOP (the International House of Pancakes). I've been wanting to eat at an IHOP since my first trip to the States, 17 years ago and now, my goal is complete. My breakfast was comprised of a thick stack of three american style pancakes, topped with butter and syrup with 3 eggs (scrambled), turkey bacon (note the healthy option there) and a split side of hash browns. There are 4 choices of syrup - original, blueberry, strawberry and butterscotch but the best and the only serious option for a tourist like myself is the original - American pancakes, maple syrup and butter is a classic breakfast and to accompany it with eggs and (turkey) bacon is just icing on the cake. I am Jack's increasing waistband. :D For those interested in the actual trip, we're still in Denton with my wonderful Mother-In-Law. Today has been all about food shopping and map buying in preparation and tomorrow we get on the road, driving from Denton, up I35 to Oklahoma City, then onto I40 all the way to Amarillo. That's about 7-8 hours driving tomorrow.

This is our home from home:

Our C25 Motorhome All 25ft of motorhome baby, yea!  For those afficionados: it's a Ford cab with a Winnebago conversion on the back. More to come from our next port of call - the KOA RV park in Amarillo. :) I'm going to try and eat somewhat healthily, but until then it's BBQ tonight; When in Texas... ;)