TGSWRT: Day 3 - This is the way to Amarillo


This is the way to AmarilloToday was all about getting behind the wheel and driving. From Denton we took the I-35 up into Oklahoma (Oklahoma makes Norfolk look like the Alps) then, at Oklahoma City we took the I-40, back into Texas, all the way to Amarillo so that's about 470 miles done. We realised that we can't really hang around in Texas if we want to see all the things we want to see so we're going to save Texas for another holiday and get cracking on heading west. We learnt some things along the way but the most important thing is we've either grossly underestimated the mileage of our RV (it's doing about 7miles per gallon at the moment and we'd costed the trip on getting 15mpg) or we don't understand what the Overdrive button does. After a bit of googling it looks like we should actually have Overdrive on rather than off but we'll check it again tomorrow. It does feel good actually getting on the road and getting somewhere, though. I also learnt that I don't know how to pump gas. Tomorrow we're going to check out some photo ops and maybe Cadillac Ranch, then on to Santa Fe to meet up with one of Miko's old friends. Oh, because I'm using the "Side blog" tool in WordPress for this, I know the images are a bit small, but if you go through to my flickr page you'll see the full sized image there.