Mach V @ The Big Chill Bar, 20090729 - a file in two parts


tumbleweedWell, yes it has been rather quiet round these parts, and I apologise for that. We have been rather busy at home getting new floors put in and I've been on the festival trail with Echaskech (blissfields) and the Disco Shed (Cornbury and Latitude). However, last Wednesday I was given free reign at the Big Chill Bar and so I recorded it for you, dear listener. The file's in two parts as my AV500 stops recording when it gets to 3 hours. Next up on the ever busy agenda is The Big Chill Festival (Aug 6-9), then on to Bloom Festival (Aug 14-16) with Echaskech, then the missus and I are off to Green Man (as punters - yay! Aug 21-23), then I think we've got a spare weekend before we're off to Festinho (Sept 4-6)  then hopefully rejoining the Disco Shed at The Thames Festival (Sept 12-13).

I do have other news, but lets get this out the way first.

Here's the first part of my DJ set from The Big Chill Bar, 29th July 2007. This part is the first 3 hours, starts out with some hip hop and reggae, slides into some party funk and ends up in the electronica and (dare I say it) erm, housey side of things. The vinyl decks were a bit unwell so they seem a bit quiet comapared to the CD tracks, but hey, whatchagonnadoabartit? ;)


Turbo Trax: On & On (Summer in Sydney remix) Gagle: Snow Revolution Dr Dre ft Snoopy Dogg: Next Episode (Fussing & Fighting mix) Grandmagneto - Night Fever Diana vs King Storm - Love Hangover Fink - Model Tunng - Robin Asayake Production - You Know!? The Coleman Bros - She Who Dares (Lounge mix) Lopez - Donde T-Spark - Cop that Wish Nice up! - The Virgo Dj Nu_Mark & Pomo - Lola Wicked Lester - 007\2 Hint - The Mist Fits Jimmy Screech - Lets Get Moving Marvin Gaye - What's Going On? (Truth & Rights Remix) Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Look for the Woman Deji ft Koyumi - Woodblue Ty - Story Red Astaire - SBP Jamie Lidell - What's the use? Parliament - Bootsy! Mark B and Blade - The Unknown Michael & Justin - Rock with Body (mach v blend) Booty Vor - 2na Deluxe Monkaiboy - Flash Fears Echaskech - Future Sex Line - How I saved the world single handed School of seven bells - My Cabal The Knife - We Share our Mother's Health Yimino - Squeeze Me Gel-Sol - Cool Sweet Awesome Yay! Iambic - Transitions Planet Boelex - Seagull Scene Isan - Lent Et Douloureux Animal Collective - snippet of the wrong track erm... Isan - Lent Et Grave Animal Collective - My Girls James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas edit) Jon Hopkins - Light through the Veins (Ewan Pearson's Downtown Lights Remix) Paul Kealy - Don't Stop Dublogic - Two Sugars

This is part two of my DJ Set from The Big Chill Bar from July 29th 2009. This is more uptempo stuff, but descends into comedy tracks for the last 20 minutes (I couldn't resist it)


Digitonal - Nothing Left To Say (echaskech remix) Kate Bush - A Deal With God (spenza version) Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart School of Seven Bells - Chain DJ Hell - Electronic Germany Lindstrom - Grand Ideas The Gossip - Heavy Cross The Knife - Silent Shout Animal Collective - Bluish Echaskech - The Calm//The Storm Underworld - Jumbo Trentemoeller - Moan Les Dijinns (Trentemoller remix) LJ Kruzer - Huba (Plaid 15 years lost mix) Echaskech - On Your Mind Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Skream! rmx) The Apples - Killing Penfold Plum - English for Immigrants Laos - Panda Style Penfold Plum - Every Bear Kippenjammers - Cars