Mach V at Back To Mine, 20090522


Firstly: due to "planned maintenance" I won't be able to do my show next week (and maybe for the next two weeks after that, but we'll take them as they come). It's all good - we're replacing the floor in our studio/office  - but it does mean that the everything will need to be taken down and packed away while this happens. Secondly, some free music: this weeks show features music by Halogen and Iambic and you can get these EP/LPs for free just by visiting this link to the Maternity Ward Website. And if you want some more (and you will) you can download some more Halogen tracks from here. Dig in. :) Massive thanks to the wonderfully sparkling Mixmaster Morris for those tips and links. Thirdly, I've been booked to VJ at the Big Chill Festival this year! Yay! :) Anyway here's this weeks...

Track listing:

Fridge - Drum Machines and Glockenspiels Iambic - Transitions Yimino - Squeeze Me Halogen - Not The Remix Groove Armada - My Friend Fink - Blueberry Pancakes Florence and the machine - Kiss with a fist The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song D'Nell - This Thing Benga & Coki - Night Fever Ray - Coconut Sounds From The Ground - Elemental Jon Hopkins - Insides Infinite Scale - Liquid Scope Yimino - Ze Ka Fridge - Cutup Piano and Xylophone Fink - Little Blue Mailbox

Download the show from this link (128Mb, 192Kbps, 92mins)

Soundcloud streaming: