Back To Mine 28/11/2008 Show for you.


Here's Friday's Show for you lovely people. I'm suffering with a cold at the moment, so not much talking on this one (thankfully) apart to whinge on about I "ribbish" I felt. Gah, I dunno... prima donna or what? ;)

Tracklisting Sigur Ros - Untitled Pink Floyd - Dogs (some of them) Cinematic Orchestra - Everyman The Tilted Head of Compassion - Everlasting Peace Grid Bola - Urenforpuren Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Development Bad Loop - Eri Valeire Piano Overlord - No Community (Blu Jems K. Kings Version) Planet Boelex & Mosaic - Suunta Fleet Foxes - Sun it rises Caribou - Bees The Books - Take Time Tunng - Hands The Books - Exclamation Mark The Tilted Head of Compassion - Germ Eat Static - Area 51 Planet Boelex ft. K - Forever & Always

Here's the link