Mix Archive (Stay in and dance): Zbornak's Birthday Mix (Summer 2008)


ZbornakOne of the great things about Second Life is the people you meet and without a doubt my life is enriched because I know Zbornak. I was asked to play at her birthday party as a surprise guest and this mix is the result - there's a little bit of me chatting at the start, but don't worry I soon shut up and get on with the mixing. ;) It wasn't a planned mix, the tracks came to me as I went along (mostly), and I was exceptionally happy with the set - thank god I recorded it! It's starts out with a few favourites, moves into the party funk then gets all heavy, wanders into the electroclash room for a bit and ends with a couple of classics - definitely one of the most enjoyable sets I've played from home. :) Jump to the mix