Mix Archive (Sleepy Time): Aural Epidural (2007)


islaIn the summer of 2007 I was approached by Bev and Pete (a.k.a MrsPirate and PiratePete) to provide a mix to accompany the birth of their first child, Isla. Initially I was thrown into a panic; having never attended a birth before (apart from my own, of course) I had no idea what they would want to hear during that incredibly emotional time; I knew it had to be long as first births have a reputation for being drawn out affairs and I knew I didn't want to stick to a tempo as, after a while that would just get annoying. They'd given me a free reign on music selection, trusting me implicitly so it was all up to me. So, I decided to put something together that would try and calm, relax, entertain, but also not try dominate the proceedings. I didn't want to have too much vocal stuff in there as I presumed there would be enough chatter/instruction/shouting/swearing going on without my mix adding to it. As fate would have it, due to the frenetic nature of a birth and some technical problems it wasn't used but has gone to keep Isla (and Bev and Pete) music entertained. Personally I use it, after a very good and heavy night, to drift off to sleep to ;)

Photo of Isla, courtesy of the Pirates.

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